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  1. @SmilingBandit The gateway is already in the game and has been there for a quite long time, just place an E-3 or similar AWACS in the mission and you're golden. The specific case of non-friendly air not being shown is not due to a gateway not existing in the mission tho as per the info from Snoopy.
  2. c0ff: Thanks for clarifying that the list doesn't show ICMP Echo rtt's but an amalgamation of the above and application processing. But I do have to join in the choir here, even after November 2019. Pings listed in the server list is at best a guide to show if the server is on the same continent as you or not and will fluctuate wildly, especially on first entering the server list after starting the game, then there's often a 100-300ms addition until you refresh the list again and then one might start seeing pings closer to whats actually going on. Direct connect or just double clicking your servers you've marked as you favorites that "you know are ok" is how the list is used on this end :)
  3. well, we got flashbangs in the cockpit with the pulled 2.5.6 so I'm guessing you are getting some progress on this item atleast? ;)
  4. I rent a "root server" from hetzner.de. It has been working amazingly well for about five years now, even pre-dedicated DCS server and even before I started playing DCS and found an amazing group of ppl to play with. If it's worth the price? Nah, you'd be better off buying a server of your own (if you got internet that's good/stable enough for your needs that is), it'll be cheaper in the end. If you're looking for a more SaaS-oriented hosting platform I have zero input, not my thing :)
  5. Not sure the argument to have the mission maker shell out "extra" money even grazes near my own way of thinking. Mission makers are the ones actually creating content for the game no matter if it's MP or SP. Are those the ppl that you want to put all the weight on (I know it's voluntary to make missions but many companies do take the route of making it easier to make missions, not harder), now also including the financial part? I dunno man ... :/
  6. Couldn't agree more with the above posts. What a strange argument made by ED through NineLine. I just cannot wrap my head around the presented reasoning. To me it just seems based in some kind of inhouse ED-mentality how things should work or be, not really shared by non-partnered content producers. You do you ED, but for me the reasons not to pre-order stuff anymore just becomes clearer and clearer each weird announcement.
  7. There is an updated version for 2.5, or rather I should say using that build works great on my end. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=257887
  8. It's all in where you look, like here for example: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4129745&postcount=178
  9. Yes, the current workaround as per post #914 is to delete the file DCS doesn't like from the mod package before applying it: bazar\shaders\deferred\shadows.hlsl Do that or wait until someone publishes a fixed shadows.hlsl and/or the official download is updated :)
  10. Just fyi; video is set to private so even clicking the link doesn't show the video :)
  11. Nice, will try it out tonight. Thanks for all the work you spend on this!
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