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  1. I am in the same situation as you. My next buy wil be the next gen Nvidia, to make better use of my 5k+. After that i will look for what then is a good VR headset. The 5k+ still has good life in it, it is the graphics card that is the bottleneck.
  2. Whatever you buy now will be obsolete in 1 year, and DCS will be able to run it in Seven.
  3. Hi, i have the 5k and use the built in tracking. Never had to calibrate during flight, but I reset the tracker before use.
  4. Yes that did it. Need to use my reading glasses next time.
  5. New problem. Installed the latest version of pitool. Now, when i opt to wait to start room setup as i have no base station, i get the message "place the helmet in the visible,,,,,etc" So, now the 5+ requires a base station to work. Anyone know how to make the headset use the built in gyro instead ?
  6. Strange, i have a 1080, running at 100% ss and getting steady 45 fps. Have you tried reinstalling DCS ?
  7. To sober things up a bit. Anything ED can do to speed up the DCS engine matters more than the XTAL. Imagine being able to really turn up the image settings and what it can do to the experience. A system is only as good as its weakest link. Right now it is DCS.
  8. Lets for arguments sake say that these lenses remain to costly for the mass market. Can you still obtain the same image quality as this ? You will need higher resolution panels to compensate for loss of screen real estate, you will also need more sophisticated software to compensate for distortion. This will in turn require more gpu/cpu to run, so in 1-2 years this image quality will be available in a consumer headset. For my self and my 5k+, there is still huge headroom in terms of pushing supersampling above 100% and getting in game settings maxed out.
  9. The concern here is exactly the lenses Pride37. Can they be produced in large numbers, or are they time and resource consuming to make ?
  10. Shortcut, I think your sample size is representable. If you get a working unit, you will be pleased as pudding like me. However, Pimax is a young company, having trouble catching up to the success of their product, and you may experience some issues with overall support.
  11. Well, I have a 5k+ and it is a great, I will have fun with it for years to come. It is not perfect, but it will take years for the competition to offer something better in this price range. Even then, I think Pimax has something better up its sleve. Trust me, Pimax is here to stay.
  12. I turn on the headset, open pitool, from the pitool menu I start steamvr. After that I start DCS from desktop. Hope that helps.
  13. They are selling faster than they can make them, worth the wait.
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