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  1. Got it! Bad soldering. :music_whistling: My mistake.
  2. Thanks Les, I flashed the firmware but the problem does not go away.
  3. Hello, I have a question for anyone familiar with leo bodnar boards and rotary encoders. My buttons and switches connected to the board all seem to work fine. But my new rotary encoders behave strangely. I have wired them to B1-GND-B2 and used the encoder software utility to B1B2 behaviour to 1:1 with a pulse width of 80ms. Hower when i turn the encoder CW the signal given to the board alternates between B1 and B2 instead of continuous B1-B1. When turning the encoder CCW the signal does B2-B1 instead of B2-B2. Can someone guess what I am doing wrong? I hope i explained it clearly. I have tried everything but cannot seem to get it to work. Maybe i bought the wrong rotary encoders? But I hope its just me missing some knowledge and being stupid. Thanks for any replies.
  4. Is this a dcs issue or does the index suffer from these problems with every game.
  5. I guess I will be doing some research about the O+ then. And then figure out how to ship it to Europe. I was told it has fixed lenses and thus software ipd adjustment. Is that correct? Does anyone has a link where I can do some reading about that? I can’t imagine how that would work. How can you get a sharp image without physically moving the lenses? Thank for the input so far.
  6. Since this thread seems to be frequented by people who really know what they are talking about, I might as well ask my question here. I have been looking for a headset upgrade for a long time now. Currently I own a rift cv1. The index seems to be my only choice. I have a Ipd if 72. Do you think the index is worth a try or do I have other options that I am missing. I would be using the headset for dcs and flightsimming only. Any thoughts are much appreciated. It is afterall a big investment.
  7. When switching on the autopilot the autotrim funstion becomes active , right? I have used it a lot. Take of from carrier, enter climb. Switch on autopilot and the plane trims itself and keeps the climb steady. But since today it seems as is has stopped working and she goes nose down and does not seem to trim when turning on autopilot. I have double checked everything but cannot seem to find the solution. Am I going crazy or am i missing something.
  8. Thank you everybody for the eloborate answers about the history of the radar, why it was build that way in that particular time period, the theory of its working, etc. I learned a lot in this thread. But really my question was more practical. How do you use it when you play DCS? Not how it was used in RL. I guess I came to the same conclusion as the poster above. The aiming assist of the Radar for guns is awesome. (DG mode) I find it to be very accurate and I use it all the time. But for missile firing and target searching I find it useless. Correct me if you think I'm wrong. So here is how I use the radar when playing. 1. Leave it in Standby mode, i guess this reduces your own radar signature as wel. 2. When engaging in a dogfight, leave it of when firing missiles. It not helping your missiles hit target anyway. 3. Turn it on before switching to guns to help with aiming. 4. Turn it off again when you are victorious.
  9. Wel thats exactly the scenario I would like to practice. "Search for enemys using the radar" But it seems a bit unpractical knowing that the radar only works at 40 miles range in very strict circumstances. I,m trying to understand when the radar has a practical use since mostly you have a visual before the radar starts finding a contact. Or maybe low visibility is where it comes in handy?
  10. Great mission thanks . Used it a lot in training today.
  11. Thank for the answers. I guess the radar in the f-5e is not used in combat the way it is explained in the tutorials. It only guides you to your target from 40 miles away if a lot of conditions are met. ( target is a bomber moving head on and above 5000ft. ;-)) does it make sense then to use it at all at long range? Or is switching it on at 10 miles when preparing to launch missles the more common way to use it.
  12. I'm fairly new to DCS and the F-5E but I have some experience in flightsimming. I'm very happy I discovered DCS. I've been flying in Xplane and FSX for years but the lack of a goal in those games has always put me off. DCS is completely different and I finally found a purpose in flying. At the moment I'm leaning to fly the F-5E step by step. Startup, Take-off and landing are going great. So now its time to learn some combat. I've done the training missions and they went fine. So now I'm learning to use the radar. The tutorials tell me the radar has a range up to 40 miles. I have set up a training mission with 2 transport planes at 10000ft at 40miles from my F-5E also at 10000 ft. I then try to spot them on my radar but I am failing every time. I can get them on my radar when I am at 8-10 miles range not sooner. I can spot them visually by then. I've tried again and again but have no idea what i am doing wrong. I tried changing elevation, range, etc. Any help or tips are appreciated. Thanks.
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