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  1. I made an ACES 2 seat, based on free plans online. If you have a place to cut wood (and the skill) and can transfer the drawings to plywood (or the other pressboard type of wood, whose name escapes me now), that's the hardest part. You'll need sawing skills (either hand saw or circular saw, table saw isn't useful here). Otherwise, everything else is easy. Tip: don't try to make the curves in the back or the seat, it won't fit properly. Also, the angle of the back is rather steep. When I make another one, I'm going to get inspiration from the Adirondack lawn chairs.
  2. For me, the I-16 got a lot easier when I watched a YT video that said to watch the turn/slip indicator during the takeoff roll and try your darndest to keep it centered until the tailwheel goes up. If the ball goes left, press rudders left (just enough to center the ball), if it goes right, press rudders right (again, just enough to center the ball). Step on the ball, but gently! I used my peripheral vision to keep the I-16 centered on the runway (edge of runway equal for both sides = centered).
  3. Found a thread which may be what I'm thinking of....although I'm pretty sure the idea was in a YouTube video.
  4. There was a guy on YouTube who built an F-14 pit....One of the switches he created had a safety cover. In the video, it's well described but basically my memory says he built the cover (the actual safety cover, hinged to go up/down as needed), and hooked up a short length of thin but stiff wire to actuate a switch that was under the panels. This switch activated the safety cover in-game. When he closed the cover, the switch was toggled "off" and closed it inb-game. Very clever method! The actual switch was one, and there was a second (under-dash) switch for the safety cover.
  5. Hi! I built a general purpose pit, roughly patterned off the SU-25 (I got a DVD from EBay with printable panel images, not quite legit (one of the panels was a TFR panel from an F-111 LOL!), but good enough to print full-size and provide decoration. There is a forum here dedicated to sim pits, I couldn't find it until I did a search, so here's the link: https://forum.dcs.world/forum/181-home-cockpits/ All the info you'll need (including proper fonts for US aircraft) can be found there. I remember a few years ago (3?) where someone built the weapons control panel for the F-5E, basic panel but well done.
  6. You may get more answers in the hardware forum: https://forum.dcs.world/forum/57-pc-hardware-and-related-software/
  7. Free Flight has to be the EASIEST instant action one can make. In fact, you could make it using every aircraft and mod there is out there...same level of difficulty!
  8. I agree. Night time is not enjoyable unless one has a lot of experience.
  9. VZ_342

    MER 6

    Was very curious about the heavy load F-5...found a pic that is linked to the DCS F-5E3 flight manual, don't know what page.
  10. That would make an excellent mission! Set it up so the F-4 can only have 500 lbs or so, and find the range it'll go and make the base/carrier 8-10 top-offs away!
  11. Persistence is a setting on the indicator that allows the returns to "persist" on the display before fading.
  12. "If they know what they're doing..." Ha! Well that rules me out....
  13. I did 1.3 mach after I climbed to 25,000 and dropped the center tank ("instant action", F-5E Free Flight). Could barely hit 1.0 mach before the jettison.
  14. I noticed in some missions the vehicles are too close to each other. Here’s a US Army training video which describes “security on the march.” It recommends at least 75 yards/meters between vehicles, as well as using line abreast formations to reduce dust columns. Enjoy!
  15. Not a mapper or programmer, but an idea to control the use/non-use of AB that weren’t around in the time frame (pre-82 for Falklands)...instead of using an overlay, could one put some trigger in so that if an aircraft tries to use the unwanted airfield, it causes destruction of the aircraft? The runway would still be seen, but one would dare not try to land on it. That is what would happen irl if one tried to land on bare ground. Of course, the mission briefing would have to include a warning “AB (Name) is not useable”.
  16. Excellent series! Just finished binge watching Haiphong Harbor series and sub’d...imho you would make excellent tutorials with your clear voice and easy (confident) way of handling the Scooter.
  17. In the Mission Editor one can place assets which are non-existent until triggered by some event. Aircraft can be pre-positioned in flight (or ground forces on the ground) with any load out desired. Maybe you could identify the specific location for each far-away airfield...
  18. If ya’all aren’t getting responses anyway, I wouldn’t think spelling someone’s screenname wrong would decrease the chances of a reply. Twice nothing is still nothing.
  19. Hopefully the Cowbell will be able to self-lase. I’m not sure if there was a two-seater variant?
  20. Could you describe how to use one core as a server? Even a basic “how to” to get myself oriented to do self-study would be great! Thanks!
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