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  1. This would be a nice change to improve user experience. From a code perspective, I'd say it'll be a lot of fun refactoring the codebase to use the GoF strategy pattern and have the third-party devs code to it. Imagine the amount of coffee that would need to be consumed... But in all seriousness, this would be a great achievement.
  2. On the UFC, top left, scroll the SYM wheel up. :)
  3. On the keyboard I think it's S. There was no default mapping for my HOTAS (Warthog).
  4. Managed to read through most of the comments in this thread. We're a passionate bunch indeed! I see myself as one of those who comes to read but may not have the courage to post very often. Just wanted to chime in and say that while I think of course DCS has problems, I appreciate the work that has gone in to get it to where it is today. If the upward trend continues, it looks like I'll be enjoying this ride for many years to come. So I guess I just wanted to say thanks for making a pretty cool sim.
  5. My solution is to open up the Device Manager, view by container type and disable anything I don't need before starting DCS. At least you won't have to go fumbling around pulling out cables and stuff.
  6. Are you guys sure this isn't part of Global G-LOC Awareness day?
  7. Funny is subjective and whilst I feel sorry for you, I also find this hilarious!
  8. I'm experiencing the same thing and it's reproducible every time using the Quick Action Cold Start mission.
  9. Suggestion - at the freeze-frame point, we get Morgan Freeman voice over saying something along the lines of: "It was at this moment they knew, they had phucked up." /s
  10. If you're looking to bring up that axis-monitor when flying, the default keybind is Right Ctrl + Return.
  11. Sorry to hear about this Greg - really enjoyed the channel, thanks for taking the time to answer all those questions!
  12. Just received mine and it's an awesome piece of work! High quality buttons, very well put together and pretty much plug and play (the master caution sync requires a few other easy steps). The dimmer pot on the left side is a great touch! Thanks Bamse!
  13. This really is an amazing tool and I was extremely impressed with the way it just worked out of the box. Thanks for all the hard work you put in Sgt_Baker. I'll keep my eyes peeled for future versions and hopefully you can get it to support the newest releases at some stage in the future.
  14. Well, I'm less sure now :) But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as I'm relatively new to DCS myself, so I'm not as jaded as other long-time players are.
  15. I suppose the objective question here would be how does the real plane react if the pilot uses the incorrect takeoff configuration and does the sim behave the same way? If the answer is yes, then it's not a bug.
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