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  1. I couldn't get that mission to load. I uninstalled UH-1H Huey in the Modules manager and reinstalled it, but it didn't change anything.
  2. I've tried it everywhere; disabled mods, repaired game, tried every radio setting, switches in every position, doors open, engine off, rotors completely stopped, both radios set to field channels, but I get the same results. I don't know, maybe I need to completely remove the game and reinstall it.
  3. I was thinking it might have been a false detection; although, it's not preventing me from running DCS, it's only canceling the update. I'll wait for confirmation from the devs. before updating. Thanks
  4. This... Affected File: file: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\_downloads\Sounds.edc\23\23dfd88b13390df2b334ffa114afdd77f7f6cb86ed0848e55dccdfed69619031.downloading.652958c8d81280a6 Threat: Severe Type: Trojan
  5. I disabled the mod, did a clean up and a repair to DCS world using power shell; now at some airbases I get "unable to comply", while at some I get no response at all.
  6. DCS VR Shaders ; improves my frame rate. Never caused any problems before, but maybe with the latest update.
  7. I've tried everything, every radio channel, Instant Action, Mission, Create Mission. Complete shutdown with doors open, radio tuned to field. I can get clearance from tower for landing and all, just no response from ground crews. At airbases, FARP with ammo only won't even rearm me. This started right after update.
  8. As the title says; I'm doing everything same as I always have, but there's no response from the ground crew and nothing happens. Is this a bug in the update or maybe they changed the procedure?
  9. Watching the radar altimeter will give a better perception of altitude.:pilotfly:
  10. I don't know about making the switch, but the last update 2.5.6 took a while to download. Not sure how long it took, since I clicked update and left it running over night, because it was so large.
  11. No power lines, that must be nice. And the train didn't stop after being landed on. They usually stop when you land on them, sometimes they catch fire and burn up if you just touch and go. :pilotfly:
  12. I landed on a moving train the other day. So yeah, keep flying and trying and you'll get there.:pilotfly:
  13. I got a notice when I started DCS that said the modules I tried out were no longer valid and if I wanted to continue using them I would have to purchase them, and it gave me the option to purchase each, I declined and it disabled them automatically. No deleting anything. I guess I could if I wanted to free up some space on my drive. :pilotfly:
  14. Have you tried disabling Windows Game Mode?
  15. Now that I think about it, the VM did take a minute to load and was quite a bit slower than running on an actual machine. Makes me wonder why the OP wants to run on a VM in the first place.:pilotfly:
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