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  1. Not to mention, the Brandans chef made a mean curry. Enjoyed many a curry on board during my first tour as the Mare Harbour driver.
  2. Wow great work, this is gonna be perfect to fill out MPA on the new SA map. However the link doesn’t appear to work, is there a new one that I’ve missed? Also I see you’ve done the tac bowser which is great, although there’s only a few of those at MPA, is there any chance you would consider doing a twin rig refueller, which is the main refueller we use down south.
  3. Ok first impressions, but bear in mind I’ve only flown around MPA and Mare Harbour. Road layout is correct. Buildings on the other hand are fairly inaccurate. missing buildings near 12 and 38 facility, no corridors that connect everything together, fuel tanker park in wrong location. Yes that is the fuel depot, BUT the tankers are parked on other side of airfield on the wide aircraft pan that you have 3 park slots on. building in MT section in wrong location and facing the wrong way. Hangars where the med centre and station headquarters are, buses literally everywhere on map, where in reality there are only a half dozen or so parked at MT section. Articulated lorry’s everywhere. Ummm nope. Only had a few apart from twin rig tankers. Petrol station on Mare Harbour road. Sorry but nope doesn’t exist, refuelling point is on the base.yacht club on Mare Harbour road. words just fail me. Ummmm no. oh and most of all. NO PENGUINS on Berthas Beach. That colony is blooming huge. While I wasn’t expecting complete accuracy, these maps never are, I was at least expecting the buildings to be roughy accurate, I mean there’s enough images of MPA around. honestly not holding up much hope for any more accuracy elsewhere either. The map has potential sure, but it’s a long way off the standard of previous map releases.
  4. Use it for sight seeing initially, have a look at my former accommodation, work places etc. fly to all the areas I’ve visited in real life, and then practice carrier ops. It’s the perfect map for that.
  5. Ok that’s a new one on me, I’ve never been into the axis page for track ir I’ll have a look when I get home. Thankyou.
  6. hi guys anyone else having an issue with track ir in the apache. it works fine with every aircraft but then doesnt do a thing when i get into the apache. is there a hidden option i need to tick?
  7. If you have an issue, I have it downloaded so might be able to email it to you if you want.
  8. Yep, photos showing both the Apache and F18 screens working. Slight bug at mo with Apache as it shows the front screens rather than the pilots, but that’s a known bug with the Module NOT the mfd screens. Pretty certain it will be fixed soon. just put in one LUA, for ALL aircraft modules, had to overwrite some Apache cockpit files with some that output to the screens. The file is up on Cubesim Facebook page for free. I’m using the rocker switches to provide the 6th button when using the Apache.
  9. Mine turned up today at last, screens look great, were seen straight away by PC and appear to have no issues whatsoever. just need to come up with a solution to mount them properly to my monster tech Mount. ( the monster tech mfd Mount covers up the powder and usb connectors at the back of the screen ) At mo I’m using the backing plate and elbow joints that came with my Cubesim order, but I just can’t seem to get them tight enough as the screens easily come lose on that joint. Only concern is the plugs that came with the screens feel extremely cheap and nasty, to be honest I’m not overly happy about using them with the U.K. adapter that was sent with them, so will be ordering a few better quality plugs. I’m assuming just a generic one will work fine.
  10. To be fair, I was expecting a simulation of a modern attack helicopter to have the same features of the modern attack helicopter it’s simulating. bonus is IT DOES. So what if it doesn’t have an all singing and dancing autopilot, we are using sims to pretend to fly, so fly the darn thing, rather than just pressing a button and have it done for you. at end of the day it’s a lot more fun that way.
  11. Mmmm intresting in that case, it must be a darn windows setting that’s stopping it. I agree I should be able to modify whatever I want on my PC. I’ll give it another go later.
  12. Sadly all locked down, while I can see it, it won’t let me replace the file. never mind was worth a try
  13. Hi mate, sorry for the late reply, RL hit and ive only gotten around to trying this. Only issue is i cannot for the love of me find the zip file with the OGG to replace. I downloaded it direct from ED through the main program, any ideas where the install location for your campaign would be, so i can try and test this?
  14. I appreciate I’m late to the party, but I finally decided to try a proper campaign, and I figured there are none better than a Reflected campaign. Only done the 1st mission as till now, and seeing a flight of bombers that large in DCS was just mindblowing. Now granted I may have had a few issues, I switched on my O2 at 10k and promptly ran out of O2 halfway through the escort, leading to hypoxia. So had to drop down to 14k to regain some vision. That in turn lead to using extra fuel, which in turn led to the fuel maybe running out just over Arras. This kinda surprised me, given the fact I was using the belly tank most of the time. Or should I say I thought I was. I may have had the feed switched to belly tank, BUT I may have forgot to put the main fuel selector to Aux, rather than main tank. ( never stated I was a competent pilot ) Despite all of these issues, which were entirely down to my incompetence, the atmosphere and overall mission was amazing. I can’t believe just how well this played. Really looking forward to the next few missions, and replaying mission 1. On top of that, it’s made sure the new future Mossie campaign will be a day one purchase.
  15. Cheers for getting back to me, once I get back home next week, I’ll give it a try and post my results here.
  16. Cowboy10uk

    And now?

    It’s almost like it’s the Christmas holidays and people are spending time with their family’s. I wouldn’t expect any answers before next year when people start to go back to work, even the devs are allowed family time, once in a while.
  17. Ref the Armed forces radio in game, could I go in and swap out the free music, for a Armed forces Vietnam playlist I already own? It has the proper music and armed forces Vietnam adverts and radio programs, all set up and sounds amazing when flying the Huey. Would it be possible to drop this into the music folder of the campaign on my system, or would it mess up the campaign? i would prefer selecting the music via the radio in game rather than use an external program like Spotify.
  18. Absolutely loving the Syria server, and it’s improved my Helo skills significantly. Only one issue I had today, and that’s I couldn’t connect to the SRS server. No biggie, but I’m not sure why, so will have to do some trouble shooting. It did update when I logged in, so maybe I’m on a different version.
  19. hi all, im having an issue keeping my export.lua file working with my winwing takeoff and combat panels, the issue is the lights keep stop working everytime i restart the system, resulting in having to press the repair lua button in settings. they then work for that flight. however that also then removes my export LUA lines for my simshaker and Volanta. is there anyway to keep my lights working without having to give up the simshaker and Volanta exports? its getting a tad annoying now, love the hardware but absolutly detest the software for winwing. Export .lua file with Simshaker and Volanta, but lights dont work is as such local wwtlfs=require('lfs') dofile(wwtlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/wwt/wwtExport.lua') dofile(lfs.writedir() .. "Scripts/DCS_Volanta.lua") local SimShakerlfs=require('lfs'); dofile(SimShakerlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/SimShaker.lua') dofile(lfs.writedir()..[[Scripts\SimShaker-export-core\ExportCore.lua]] Repaired Export lua file where the lights work, but Volanta and Simshaker doesnt, is like such local wwtlfs=require('lfs') dofile(wwtlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/wwt/wwtExport.lua') Any help on getting them all playing nicely together is appreciated
  20. Hi all, just came across this job advert in Canada. https://itps.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=42 specifically asking for sim enthusiasts or cockpit builders to apply. could turn into a dream job, for anyone involved in this community. Nothing to do with me, I only came across it accidentally and immediately thought of this community.
  21. Hi all, just wondering what stick you are planning to use for the Apache? Obviously there aren’t any available that directly fit onto a warthog/ VKB or Virpil base. Looking at the Current F16 or F18 sticks, they don’t appear to have enough switches on them. For myself I’m considering the Virpil Constellation as it appears to provide enough switches. Granted it doesn’t look the same, but it’s the functionality I think that’s more important. just wondering if anyone has found anything better?
  22. Honestly at this point, I’ve given up hope of seeing her this year. In fact I’m just hoping that ED will decide to develop her themselves now that they can see the obvious interest in this airframe, as I am fully expecting Polychop so walk away as this point. I hope I’m wrong, and I will fully support Polychop if they do get this module released, but the complete radio silence and lack of any visibly development is waving some huge red flags for me. I know they have said they were dropping back on the comms to concentrate on the module rather than negative posts, BUT I think its fair to say they have gone too far in that respect. just some sign of life would put most of the concerns and fears to bed, but I’m not convinced that will happen.
  23. Same here. Not used VR for a bit, as was struggling to stop stutters while over towns. So gave up and decided to go 2D and physical controls. however after reading how much V33 improves things figured I would give it a go yesterday. Wow smooth, clear and no stutters. Very very impressed. so now I need to make a choice, 2D or VR and cancel the MFD order I still have outstanding. BUT whatever I decide, blooming impressed at the improvements that have been made here
  24. Fantastic video mate, well done. just love that theme. that gave me literally goosebumps.
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