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  1. Wouldn't you think that the jitters generated from your environment would exist in the Oculus home too? I only get jitters in the cockpit.
  2. Funny you ask... because, I also just ordered a new rig with basically the same specs. I've already got an Oculus Rift S, and I think it's great, but I'm considering upgrading the VR unit too. There is a good article here that discusses optimal setups and also the notion of VR units that you may want to read: https://www.gamersbynight.com/dcs-pc-setup-rig/ and an in-depth review of headsets here: https://www.gamersbynight.com/best-vr-dcs/ Of course, nothing beats the recommendations from members on this site -Cru
  3. Ok, so for anyone else who may have had this problem... I switched from my Microsoft (wireless mobile mouse 4000) with a smooth scrolling wheel to another mouse I had that was not 'smooth scrolling', a Logitech. I went in and tried to adjust radio and tacan via scrolling on various knobs and the problem went away. So, FWIW, I think ED might want to consider taking a look at this, but for me, I'm fine using my Logitech and its non-smooth scrolling. -Cru
  4. My understanding was that the Rift S would actually warm up after a while of use... perhaps before you fly, you should make sure the lenses are activated and let the device warm itself first?
  5. Hello all, I've searched the forums and can't seem to find anyone else asking about this... which makes me think I'm doing something stupid. Recently, in Open Beta, when I try to use my mouse scroll wheel to adjust something like a TACAN frequency, the numbers jump around so much that I simply can't get them set at all. Or like when you try to set a radio freq. Oddly, I can seem to adjust a heading dial just fine... but I did see tonight that I had a hard time adjusting the artificial horizon... I thought it was my mouse, so I switched to another one (both Microsoft smooth scrolling mice) and thought perhaps I had nailed it, but alas, today when flying in an A-10C, I tried to scroll through the TACAN freqs and it would again jump around so much that I have a really hard time setting the value. Anyone else have this issue? I had just moved my flight rig to another location in the house and when I did that, I started using this new mouse... so, perhaps its simply that the Microsoft smooth scrolling mouse has an issue. I'll try switching back to my logitech and see what happens. Thanks, Cru
  6. Reflected, and others, Thanks again for your tips... I restarted the campaign in OB and I'm pretty sure my issue climbing out was simply due to pilot error. I'm thinking I had the Mustang on full-rich mixture before. Unless there were any other anomalies, this had to be the issue. I was able to keep up with the flight, adjusting MP and RPM. My first test last night though, started with a wingman crashing into me when I taxied to the runway ;) Granted, my first time in mission two I wasn't taxiing very well... but I really do think the crashing issues are more of a DCS issue than a campaign issue. I saved the track and will IM it to you shortly. But again, given my understanding of the mission designer, I can't see how this would be an issue with the mission.... more likely a DCS bug. Thanks again for the tips! -Cru
  7. Thanks for your diligence on this! I believe the times I had the most issues were when I requested taxi... once, I braked and the trailing plane hit me, but most other times, they just crashed into each other when turning onto the runway after taxi... normally, the crashes happen right before they take off. Other point to note, I chose to fly the campaign in stable, and not open beta. I'll be restarting the campaign in OB tonight hopefully. Thanks again, -Cru
  8. As the OP on this thread, I thought I had already replied, but remembered that I was on my mobile and had a technical issue. Thanks to everyone for the advice.... I have not been able to verify climbing out with the suggested settings. I do tend to repair often though... hopefully it will do the trick; I'll try and update the thread. As for wingmen crashing... for me, they crash on taxiing to the runway or right before takeoff nearly every time. I finally found that if I simply took off as soon as my engine was warmed up; basically jumping the gun, that I've had better success. Because of the issues with climbing, I've actually retried the mission a bunch of times... combined with the crashing wingmen, I've restarted even more. When I try the next time, I'll save the track. Thanks for your help! -Cru
  9. Hello all, In mission to, your flight joins another. On the way over the channel the other flight climbs to 20k at around 220 knots... No matter what I do I can't keep up. I lose so much ground over the channel that by the time I get there, the battle is just about over. I must not know something about the mustang.. How in earth do you fly fast enough to keep up? Any advice? Even my wingmen can't keep up with me and are falling way behind. Thanks! Cru Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  10. On another note... anyone know why I can't seem to embed the Youtube like correctly?
  11. Hey Alpine! I think you'll find, that in general, most people will gladly help you with any question you have. Of course, always try to find the answers first. I find that YouTube almost always has a video explaining exactly what you need to know... tutorials on basic setup, VR examples, etc... Its funny to see the new guys get in a jet, cold and dark, and say... "now what"? What key to you hit for auto-start? Sure, auto-start may exist, but you really shouldn't use it. Go to YouTube and lookup the startup sequence for the plane you plan on flying.... you'll learn them in no time. Having a clickable cockpit is really amazing, some models don't have them, but most do. I then usually try to fly the tutorials (launched from the DCS menu) that come with the plane I'm flying... then, as the instructor walks you through the tutorial, you'll find there are certain things you might want to have mapped to your joystick (or HOTAS).... its at this point that I often stop and map those keys to my equipment. Try to map your HOTAS buttons to items that the pilot would normally have only on their HOTAS. The reason for this is, when you are in combat, the ability to quickly change a weapon for example, is something you don't want to be clicking the cockpit buttons for... while, something like lowering your landing gear might be something you can do leisurely.. if you get my meaning. The point is... as you go through the tutorials, you'll find that you learn which keys you need to map. Then from there, you'll try to keep consistent in how you map things with other aircraft (I do typically map gear, brakes, speed brakes, flaps and canopy to the same set of buttons in almost every aircraft). So, I do fly in VR exclusively. Hopefully your specs will get in in the air with minimal graphics settings. as Lange_666 mentioned, you should be able to learn more about that in the VR forum. I've used the Oculus Rift and now I use the Oculus Rift S, and its amazing. I'll never go back to 2D. Eagle Dynamics has announced they will be implementing a new VR API (Vulkan)... I'm looking forward to that for sure. As for your issue with seeing the green hoops... perhaps try going into 'active pause', I think its (LShift + LWin + Pause). Then go into external view (F2) and pan around to find it? Other than that, I'm not sure. Anywho, I hope you enjoy it... give the multiplayer servers a visit, like Aerobatics Online... it will give you the experience without the stress of combat... If you move to a combat server, take a look at getting SRS Radio installed... there are many tutorials out there... Keep the burners lit! -Cru
  12. When I said I couldn't find anything online, that I knew most likely it was an indication I was being dense... I was using the UHF backup on the left hand console... Thanks for setting me straight, I wasn't using the UFC. Thanks again! -cru Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  13. Hello pilots, To be honest, I'm new to SRS... however, I seem to have it working really well in other models, like the F-18, but I can't seem to change the channel in the F-16C. I've searched the forum and online for a solution and haven't found anything... which means, it's probably my issue and I've done something wrong. Can anyone confirm that SRS does work with the F-16C? If so, I'll continue tweaking and try to find out what I did wrong. Thanks! -Cru
  14. Hello all, Last night, on the non-beta server, Sochi was being invaded and Piper dropped a bunch of troops near the base to fight off the invasion. I don't blame him, really, but the troops of course strayed into combat and then generated a bunch of team-kills for the folks ground pounding the enemy. My question is... it does seem as though dropping troops would be a good idea, would it be possible to set ground troops invincible to friendly fire? Cru
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