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  1. Hi All, Some time ago I purchased the Spifire IX and Normany + Asset packs. My question is does The Channel map offer anything more that what I already have? Thanks BP
  2. Is there an Saitek X52Pro setup for this aircraft. I am also flying the AV-8B and have no issues with my X52 on that BUT when flying the Spitfire it is all over the place! It wants to pitch nose down and pulling back on the stick causes it to buck around all over the place. Have tried trimming but something does not feel right. Any help/tips appreciated. BP
  3. I have made the offer to help with GR7. Still have some original source code here. I appreciate they are busy and also I am as I work on Eurofighter Typhoon software :thumbup:
  4. SAOEU Jet Hi all, Some great skins! Unfortunately skins do not seem to be my forte so I was hoping that maybe someone would do the 1999 SAOEU jet ZG501? One of the old workhorses so would be good to see it again. :pilotfly: Many thanks BP
  5. Nice history! Brings back some good memories. :thumbup: I worked on the Harrier OFP software for the GR5, 5A and 7 in the RAF. One missed aircraft.
  6. Fantastic jet, the first Harrier I wrote software on, PS03 standard, before they became GR5A's and GR7s with the ND03 series software....
  7. From what I remember it had a Litton Laser INS with GPS too. On Harrier GR7 this was swapped out with the Ferranti 1075G.
  8. Hopefully I can supply Prowler with enough info for the GR7, GR9 might be a little tricker but I am working on it :thumbup:
  9. Camera in the nose is the DMT (as stated by robmlufc) and is used to pick up laser designations from whatever source Sniper, ground forces. It can also lock onto targets using the video feed from it using contrast edge definition, not as accurate but it worked. :thumbup:
  10. Hi there, I did some initial datalink trial work (IDM) on the GR7 ND04 software at Boscombe Down. It was parallel to the IPaq work. Managed to get the Harrier rig there to talk to a Jaguar that was sat on the Pan. Once this was done the work was absorbed into what became the GR9 Datalink (TIEC) solution. I remember on the GR5 I wrote some software for the Psion Organiser II that allowed the pilot to convert from 'Harrier Grid' co-ordinates to UTM and proper UK grid map coordinates. :-) Those were the days lol.
  11. Looks like there is a little SNIPER info here: https://forums.flyer.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=67373 Looks like the TERMA pod is an advanced IR sensor and Flare dispenser. LOoks pretty self contained apart from some system control via the 1553 bus. https://www.terma.com/media/329027/modular%20countermeasures%20pod%20for%20fighter%20aircraft.pdf
  12. Indeed I have been talking to Prowler about this. :thumbup: I was part of the software team for Harrier GR5 and 7, so I am hoping that I can help with some GR7 info. DJRP and Sniper were more GR9 but I can remember us looking at TIALD.
  13. I am currently looking at gathering the Harrier GR7 info. :thumbup: GR7 came out at around 1990 and was given the extra MPCD needed, Digital Map, FLIR, ZEUS RWR and several other avionic upgrades. Later on in its lifecycle it also given NRS (Nav Route Sequencing) and GPWS so that it was in line with what GR9 was going to have minus the OSMC and MilBus 1760.
  14. OK, AV-8 is a good start :thumbup: Happy to help, with info, if I can.....
  15. Harrier GR7/9 please!!! I have the version for MS FSX and its great. IF you need any further info on the Harrier Mission Computer software then let me know as I spent 13 years working on it :-)
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