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  1. Hey! Yes, this is a problem! I will check on my PC. Never encountered such errors. And did not send reports. Tomorrow I'll figure it out and send a report! Yes, Gazelle removes Huey very quickly))
  2. Thank you for appreciating)) if you are interested, this is a reference to famous Russian comedies - Features of the national hunt(english subtitles) - https://youtu.be/T1V_k61HPWo Features of national fishing - https://youtu.be/AViIX_LiZSA Caution - in the films there is a total propaganda of alcohol)))))
  3. 你好。 我會盡力理解並正確翻譯您的任何中文信息! 寫朋友!
  4. Good afternoon. Yes, this is the correct end of the mission. An abrupt end - so as not to leave a chance for the player to crash, since at the beginning of the campaign we know for sure that the player survived after a nuclear strike
  5. Thanks a lot for the quick report. I'll fix it for the next update!
  6. A little more, and you can continue the story of MAD as a JF-17 pilot. More screenshots here - https://disk.yandex.ru/d/MQ4f7d0pSauBew
  7. I tried to add a little realism, at such moments the nerves are at the limit, the crew is silent and constrained. The pilot is focused! There are no such triggers. You just scare them away a little, but keep flying in the right direction. They approach you again and you again try to scare them away. Or don't try. This will not affect the task in any way. You showed imagination, completed the mission with a chase. I am pleased to! I'm constantly experimenting with triggers and script, trying to find something new or something unusual. Sometimes mistakes happen too. As in this case. You are waiting for a trigger, but it is not provided. But there is always one most important law - follow the briefing and the route. And then there will be less misunderstanding
  8. Good afternoon! I wanted to show that the CIA agents are the same persistent guys, and are not going to back down. Therefore, after leaving, they again approach you. The CIA RTB is the trigger for your landing request. As soon as you request a landing on the Seawise Giant, the CIA helicopter immediately RTB.
  9. Thanks for your feedback! So far I'm set for a series of MAD campaigns. Campaign Crew - also a series, I will return to it later next year pognhek Thank you for your feedback and the necessary ways of development! I will work on myself!
  10. We need less chatter, more landmarks and navigation elements, more use of weapons and module equipment ... Sometimes I forget it's not MFS
  11. Taken into consideration! Yes, I must agree. This campaign is primarily a project of my imagination, so I showed exactly how I play DCS. Your feedback makes sense to me! I agree. It happened because of my idea to connect helicopters. Huey is transport, Gazelle is combat! I thought it would be cool! But I did not take into account the diversity and versatility of the players who decide to play my campaign. I recorded all the feedback as points of the rules, which I will take into account in the following projects. And I also agree with Mistemann ... And I also wrote down all his reviews as points of the rules for the following projects. Thanks to your feedback, I will be able to create the necessary projects! All the same - my task is to give the player what he wants. But sometimes I think like an artist and give what I want! Who does not make mistakes - he does nothing! Thanks again for the feedback! I will try to make more relevant campaigns
  12. Good afternoon! The trigger condition icing system must be enabled prior to launch. I'll add a screenshot below. It's very cold out there... All switches up before starting engines
  13. Hello, sir! All missions you can choose helicopter - Huey or Gazelle. 10 missions. Gazelle version. - SA343L(on most missions), SA342M 1-You can go through the campaign first on Huey, and again all the same missions on the Gazelle - and feel the difference! 2-Unfortunately, I cannot block the ability to see your location on the F10 map, this will make it impossible for other players to navigate. You don't have to use F10 - it will be a great challenge for a professional! Be sure to test the free mission! Just to evaluate and make a purchase decision - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ru/files/myfiles/
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