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  1. I cant be the first one whos run into the problem but maybe. While trying to set zoom in and zoom out default keyboard bindings in DCS are Numpad "/ and *" The * works just fine for zoom IN, however the / key does not with Stream Deck, really surprising. Using both BarRaider and the default Hotkey button in Stream Deck, the / key will not work. The Zoom IN however * key works fine while using hotkey OR BarRaider. Windows does allow the input no problem and you can type the actual key all day long using the button, but it doesnt go through to DCS or its not recognized. Any ideas? My next step is to pick Elgato's brain and see if they use a different language of some sort for Numpad keys that DCS may not recognize. Who knows.
  2. I feel like we should get a main link somewhere organized for all of our profiles we put out so its easier to find the most up to date profiles. Instead of going back through all the pages. Any suggestions?
  3. Would anyone kindly tell me where the library of images Helios stores things like the F16 bezel? I'd like to edit the image to only show the green lines and remove the black bezel entirely. Any help would be great. The three "..." lead to Capt Zeen's image library but they dont have this exact RWR. This is the directory the image is supposedly coming from but I cant find it pn my PC: {Helios}/Interfaces/Falcon/RWR/rwr_bezel.png Thanks everyone
  4. Do you mind sharing the image library you used for the icons? The Gun rate is set to a rotary know when it needs to be a button but I cant change it without losing the icon images. Thank you!
  5. Im SOOOO ready for this to drop Just need to get another MFD monitor on top of the 2 I already have built xD
  6. T M Cougars are MSRP $90+ but sure I get it. This just leads back to my profit margin discussion. You're more than welcome to make your own. You seem to understand that button boxes are simple but I'm willing to bet you don't want to take the same time these guys did to design your own from scratch. This is what I'm talking about, the average consumer will not know/want to build something from scratch. If you can deliver a built product you'll sell more. And you have the freedom to charge what you see fit based on the work investment and time spent on design and manufacturing. you can look at this as a consumer but I'm looking at this as a business. Not to mention they're not a mass producing company like TM that can push a thousand units a week off the line My suggestion is that if it's out of your price range, build your own and share it when it's finished and how long it took. And we can compare
  7. Well let's be real here the TM Cougars are really really REALLY low quality in every aspect so if these are anything better than those, I'd say they justify the price. I can't speak for what these Apache buttons are made of. But the MFDs are low grade plastics with membrane buttons. Again, I think if they're even just slightly better build quality then the Cougars they're worth the price. Not only that but they're bigger too so don't forget that as well. Much bigger
  8. Not at all honestly... Nothing like this exists in the consumer world. For what it is, I'd say that's extremely fair pricing. The flight sim world isn't cheap. The market is way too small to be profitable. Margins aren't very large with this stuff. I'm excited to put these on my standby screen just like my other MFDs Will it be possible to interchange the USB cables to a 90 degree male end? Depending on which port type you use, can we do something like that afterwards? Mini-USB-90-Degree-UP-Down-Left-Right-Angle-to-USB-2-0-A-Male-Cable.jpg_Q90.jpg_.webp
  9. Instant buy for me, I'll be following this thread closely. Just make sure the power input isn't on the left or right side so we can mount them flush with each other as needed too!
  10. Is this still correct after the whole RWR fiasco recently in that patch a few months ago? I just pasted your F16 line into that ALR56 lua and nothing happened. Im sure its changed by now?
  11. Im exporting the MFD's and the RWR but I have room for the HSI as well. Can that be exported and whats the line I need to add? Thanks all.
  12. Just curious with todays newsletter focused on the supercarrier. Has there been any progress on ship wake visuals? Or has been moved back on the priority list. @BIGNEWY Thanks
  13. After watching Redkite's video on the new LANTIRN pod updates to come.... Heatblur knocks another one out of the park! Absolutely everything I could have asked for with the LANTIRN pod. All the modes, eyeball, direct head mode, Jester searching for targets. EVERYTHING! Its almost like having an HMCS in a way. And the Viper doesnt even have that yet xD Looking forward to the next update when this is sent live. I'll DEFINITELY be diving deep into A-G again!
  14. So I DO have a new Virpil and I would love to use that big lever for speed brakes. Ill have to look into it more Thanks @Munkwolfand @Raven (Elysian Angel) Im not at all familiar with writing stuff up on my own but Ill have to learn for this it sounds like.
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