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  1. I have no idea why the lines are double. i deleted default.lua and repaired the game and added aft/center forward/center below the regular boat lines. Also i dont need the pinky since its on the left throttle handle which is still controlled by the original TM Warthog device. i deleted a bunch of config files and somehow got it to work now
  2. okay, for some reason adding those lines OR replacing two "Boat Switch..." lines makes some buttons unusable inclusing weapon release. I can still assign them but they wont do anything and they have a red exclamation mark in the options. Do i also have to increase a number for assignable buttons or something funny like that? I added the file below but since the new buttons itself are working and i changed nothing else idk what could be wrong default.lua
  3. Thank you very much! I cant come up with a reason why this shouldn't be in there by default.
  4. Long story short i put an arduino in my right throttle handle of the TM Warthog for an better slew stick and want to assign Boat Switch Forward / Center and Boat Switch Aft / Center but its greyed out because its not the original Warthog Throttle anymore. I tried to copy'n'paste the settings over in the config files but sadly that doesnt work and leaves the assignments empty. Is there any other way to get this to work or do i now have to live with BHOT/WHOT only?
  5. ED Support sadly couldnt help be but unintentionally i found it out by myself. TrackIR5 was causing it because it froze in the background. Closing the process with the taskmanager and restarting it solved it.
  6. I can slew the tdc/tgp finde with the 4 Buttons but with the axis it jumps really strange around. I can slew to a point but if i want to move it again it jumps back to boresight and then its stuck until i undesignate and move it with the fpm on the ground. This goes on and on.
  7. i totally forgot about this problem. it wasnt the antivirus and the problem is still existing and the same. the log ends with: 2018-05-16 18:08:13.595 INFO INPUT: Device [Mouse] created deviceId = -1 A few weeks ago i compleatly reinstalled Windows 10 Im now writing a ticket
  8. And even with audio it would only show radar guided stuff and not IR guided rockets. I can always see if something locked on to me because it gets marked with a arrow on the hud rwr and can hide behind a mountain. If its a single fighter i can easily take it out if it is a head on approach. Many fighter pilots underestimate the capabillity of the AV8B.
  9. thats how i do it: - wheight off wheels - go to dmt page, hit code to get the box around CODE and 1111 appears. - type new code - hit enter - done
  10. With SAS off the AV8B is way more "woobly" and and its easier to maneuver with a wing ripped off.
  11. Im redownloading -.- I hope this will fix it Im downloading DCS 2.5 with the OB 2.5 launcher from the DCS homepage.
  12. I have already reported that bug a few days ago. Still no response. I hope its getting fixed soon.
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