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  1. so i am a beginer in the su-25t. i do have other planes but my pc starts laging in the other planes i do have teamspeak3. just looking somebody to fly with and learn from.
  2. i lould like to fly with you i am rookey in the mig 21 tho
  3. vee333

    locken out

    I ment as wen you pres ctrl+e and you bale out and you can lack a rand but can you be on the grond and gat of yore cockpit with out balein out
  4. vee333

    locken out

    is there a way to lock out of yore cockpit with out balen out and gad in a gaine
  5. looken for a parter to fly with in the viggen I aff teamspeak and I fly about 1100 aclock am and 600 to 800 aclock pm et
  6. yore right but how do I swiht airdrome area
  7. I do aff 2.0.5 instilled but I aff about 4 to 5 airports
  8. so I fended what I was lokin for it is the 2.0.4 map extension pack and it sase it as 13 more airports but I cant fend where to dowload does any body no where to fend it thanks
  9. theres 6 a10c campaigns and about 7 other campaigns so it must a good plane
  10. what do you guys thinck about affin some fly abol heavey bombers like the b-52
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