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  1. And has the multiplayer functionality been removed for you?
  2. That really, really, really sounds like a you problem. How is this EDs, server admins or anyone elses fault? In the end, the only one you have to blame for not being able to play your fav server, is yourself.
  3. The modules allow you to play DCS. You can fly all of them in singleplayer, right? Nothing about buying modules allows you to play on a specific server. If you can find this in the terms and conditions though, please do,
  4. How to have issue solved: Not breaking the rules and getting banned in the first place. Create your own server with own rules and play there Understand this is how it is and go on with your life. Playing on any server is not a right, its a privilege.
  5. REAPER 34 | Shady - Gazelle Minigun if needed, GCI
  6. REAPER 34 | Shady - GCI preffered If needed, can do 28 as well
  7. 11:48:58 AM - UNABLE TO INVOKE PLUGIN, 'VAICOM PRO 2.5. DUE TO EXCEPTION: 'VoiceAttack.VoiceAttackInvokeProxyClass' does not contain a definition for 'Utility' Updated/re-installed Tried windows default themes nothing worked please help
  8. Due to a family matter I have e to retract. Sorry for the very late notice.
  9. Sure it is server rules - but this is mainly for the other stuff, right? I'm sure they will be able to lift that for special events if you ask nicely.
  10. Got it now, thanks :) sadly seems BF commands dont work
  11. posting again I tried to importing f10 menu, however there is no AI communication in the list... ideas?
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