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  1. Well, we could start with this simple question. Just because it's reported doesn't mean it's actually getting fixed. If you got no time to actually answer questions, maybe it's time for some new moderators to improve communication? Seriously, after all these years I'm tired of waiting and getting responses that tell me nothing but to wait even longer. Is that understandable?
  2. Okay, and what is your solution for the lamp posts? Just wait it out some more and refer to the FLIR update we asked for years ago? Seriously, why is it so hard to give a response that actually contains information?
  3. Had a brief look at the DXdiag: Memory: 16384MB RAM Available OS Memory: 16304MB RAM Page File: 44994MB used, 165MB available DCS needed more memory, couldn't get any and that's what caused the access violation. You could try to set the pagefile to a reasonable fixed size manually. I assume Windows is handling this at the moment and if it decides to not extend the pagefile you can run out of memory.
  4. A much simpler solution: ignore unimportant scenery objects. Already works fine with trees, doesn't it? We've asked for FLIR improvements many years ago (A-10C) and here we are still dealing with the same 'bug'. Yes, waiting several years for a fix that doesn't come is frustrating and I'm not satisfied with some promises (seen enough empty ones on this forum already). As for tracks: in my case they desync almost immediately, before I can even show the problem. It's an unreliable system, always has been, only got worse over time and everybody knows about it. What could we learn from a track anyways? That Mavericks work exactly like I described above and that it's causing this issue? That an issue we've known about for years still hasn't been fixed? Sorry, but there is no new knowledge to be gained from a track file.
  5. Now that you mention it ... I feel stupid. I entered the coordinates directly from the F10 map and probably hit SEQ by accident when switching lines. Perfectly explains the issue I was seeing.
  6. There is no need to react to this with "confused". The number in the top right will always show you the currently selected steerpoint, unless it's marked otherwise (like "PROG 1" on the CMDS page). This is BASIC F-16 knowledge. This should have been mentioned in the UFC / ICP section, but it wasn't. I'm assuming because Chuck didn't know that when he wrote his guide. On the other hand he teaches us how to save manual EEGS profiles (page 371), which is wrong. Had he talked to an F-16 pilot or read the official manual, this wouldn't have happened. You see, just because a guide is popular doesn't mean it's accurate. If you report a bug, stick to official documentation. (I would dig further through the guide, but the lack of a proper index, page numbers and hyperlinks is turning me off already. How are people supposed to find anything?)
  7. MP server (no track, obviously), only 1 steerpoint given, 2 steerpoints created manually, 3 flights with Mavericks went as expected On the 4th flight I took GBU-12s and my TGP would randomly 'black out' (usually a few seconds before impact). Eventually I realized I was switching to steer 1 automatically for absolutely no reason! When this happened I was able to select steer 2 (divert field), but when selecting steer 3 (targets) it would always jump back to 1 instantly. After 10-15 seconds I was able to select steer 3 again. There is no way I did this manually by accident.
  8. Place some vehicles on a road that has lamp posts, command handoff, watch the Maverick seeker snap to an (invisible) lamp post. Same works with units near a fence. Problem is, whenever the Maverick receives a track command (handoff or TMS up) it's casting a ray along its LOS. If this ray intersects with a scenery object it will track that, even if said scenery object is practically invisible compared to the actual target. It's not user error, it's a DCS shortcoming that has been present for ages. It's just getting more obvious with the increased density of scenery object and more annoying. OB 60966, no mods, I know how Mavs work Please don't ask for tracks before you fix the replay system. Thanks
  9. Lasers in DCS extend to a maximum range of 8 miles. If the target is further away, the laser spot will float in the air. This affects all aircraft with a TGP, not just the Hornet. Equally you need to be within X miles to pick up the laser spot, but I don't have an accurate number on that. I recall spawning with empty TGP settings (online), so it's worth double checking the codes. The LSS FOV seems a bit narrow to me, but other than that I never had any major problems with it.
  10. Yes, but it has been a while. Received several targets from 1 AI wingman and they were all way off (Shkval looking high). Couldn't remember the mission and wasn't able to reproduce. Gave up after discovering how utterly broken all my tracks are. No track = no fixes .... I know how this works, thanks ED. Similar thing in MP over Syria. Our flight exchanged a couple of targets and about half of them were stored with the wrong altitude.
  11. I'm sure it's going to release in a similar state as the Viper and Hornet. Barely useful, tons of missing features, bugs galore and temporary code causing weird behavior. I'd just like the development to be more transparent. Don't force me to talk to moderators who barely know the aircraft and ask for TRK files that always come out broken. The best response you can expect is "I passed it to the devs" and then you wait for the next changelog to hopefully include a fix. That's not a very satisfactory process. The Apache isn't going to change how 'bare bones' the helicopter experience is in general right now. Sling loading bugged, proper cargo management only with mods, other helicopter modules neglected for ages ... if ED decides to continue on the "new toys; no fixes"-route I don't see why the EA Apache would be worth it.
  12. You heard the man. If we can show the issue in a short track we MIGHT finally get an answer. Yes, it's stupid considering how obvious and well known the issue is, but that's just how ED works. I'll set up a small test mission when I got time, but I expect my TRK files to be broken.
  13. In a steep dive you can actually see the calculated impact point on the HUD. Press the button and the bombs will drop immediately. If the calculated impact point isn't visible (level flight, shallow dive) it's indicated by a small horizontal line, just above the CCIP pipper. In that case you have to hold the release button. The HUD will change to CCRP symbology and all you got to do is follow the steering cue and keep the release button pressed.
  14. CCIP? Sound like you're not using the mode correctly.
  15. @BIGNEWY This problem just got worse since the 2.5 release. Do you need a track to investigate or can you just ask the team if it's supposed to be this bad? If even a new forum member knows about this it's might be time to do something about it.
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