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  1. Well, i think they create the discounts in order to draw in new players or make the Steam userbase be more active. If you do a discount you expect people to buy them more often. Recently Eagle Dynamics had discounts on their store.
  2. Don't think it's possible to do AR refuelling with a player plane due to the SSM.
  3. Really enjoy the missions you have made MBot, any chance you'll be doing them for the Caucasus region?
  4. Any word of this, i've had this issue before not carrying the sidewinders.
  5. Hey, Hawkeye can you add assafm's changes to the next update?
  6. It was 1.5.5 or 1.5.4 which was quite frustrating. I know some of the servers are using some sort of server side label mod. I'll try and find it for you.
  7. Although it would be cool to implement the engine currently restricts this from it being able to happen :(
  8. Link is dead wondering if someone could post a mirror?
  9. Harm

    Community A-4E

    This is absolutely amazing. I've been trying to do my own project and i was unable to sidewinder tones working. Could you explain how you made this possible?
  10. Harm

    PAK-FA Project

    That looks cool, mind sharing the code would love to integrate this into my project.
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