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  1. doedkoett

    Dead Loop

    How DO one best perform a loop in a helicopter? Do one use the collective at all, or is it all cyclic?
  2. Now that everybody got their trim reset all is probably well, but I was thinking - the issue, as I understand it, was mostly going from a trimmed input close to the extreme range of an axis making inputs on the other extreme impossible due to lack of range of motion of the input device (ie Stick). This is due to the discrepancies in the trimmed virtual stick and the centered real stick. For example, if the range of motion of the stick is +/- 10, and the stick is trimmed at +8, pushing the stick all the way back will give me -2 at the most. This is because my real stick is at 0 while my virtual stick is at+8. I want to pull my virtual stick 18 units, but have only 10 units of aft movement available on my real stick. So why not add a automatic dynamic curve on the input, so that fully aft, the stick will always result in -10 no matter where the trim is at? Maybe this makes the aircraft more hard to fly, I don´t know - but at least full stick deflection in any direction would lead to full deflection on the virtual stick. This curve should of course be added on top of any user adjusted curve, and not meant to replace them.
  3. Boresight/Polarity Switch-PLRT It is in both cockpits. The CPG also has a RHG FLIR Polarity Button
  4. I found it twitchy at first, but a few hours of training has improved my flying quite a bit, and I guess that more training will only improve the situation further. Maybe someday I will even be able to keep it within the bob up box! However, I found it a lot more easier to fly than the Huey or the Hind. Landings are almost easy!
  5. I´ve been reading up on an old (and AFAIK out-of-date and replaced) manual for the deployment of an Attack Helicopter Company. One thing I took away from the document was that the armament seemed to be 16 Hellfires for helicopters assigned the attack role while scouts carry 8 + rockets. But that manual seems to be more leaning towards massive Apache ambushes on Soviet troops crossing the Fulda gap. The rocket pods can carry more than HE-rockets, and I guess a creative mission maker could , for example, use smoke rockets for directing fires from ground based assets or something in that direction. Anyways, it´s a game, and anyone can do as they please. Just wanted to show that there is (or was) doctrinal support for all-Hellfire loadouts, as well as Hellfire+ Rockets.
  6. I am not saying their tutorials aren't helpful. But the ones I have seen have been more of the simpler "to do this, press this" kind of tutorial - which in no way is bad, it´s the stuff a beginner might need to get started. The more detailed "why's" and "when" can come later. I never intended to bash on GR.
  7. Have GR ever done in-depth tutorials? Between Casmo (who have done in-depth tutorials on helicopter tactics and tecniques in the past) and Wags, I think we have all we need. I am sure Casmo will post loads of more interesting vids in the coming weeks. Some things we do not need in-depth knowledge about, given the present world situation.
  8. Oww.. Danish.. well, yes. That would be impossible
  9. I´d want him to spot targets and prioritize them according to threat (or other userdefined parameter), so if he spots a group of targets, like five BTR´s and a Tunguska, he´d automatically aim at the Tunguska, call that out and, if allowed and able to, fire. In other cases he´d call them out and mark them on the map. Maybe even send them to the other members in the flight as datalinked targets. Also, having a bit of mission editor-integration could be nice, so if I create a mission with battle positions (BP) and engagement areas (EA) he'd focus his search mainly on the EA, and also say things like "coming up on the BP" or whatever a real crewman would say in those cases. I am sure the SME´s could develop this line of thought further.
  10. Tinder for DCS Apache I am sure there are many virtual squadrons out there who accepts new members. I´d invite you to the one I am flying with, but we´re Swedish, so the language might be an issue?
  11. You can always try it for free for 14 days after it comes out. If you think it´s missing too many features, you can always try it for free for 14 more days after 6 months, and so on.
  12. As far as I understand, it will be like the Hind - you can change seats in flight, but only in single player.
  13. Just speculating here, but the nominal value was probably 100% at some point, but maybe an upgrade of the gearbox, new blades or something led to 101% being the best RPM. In aeronautics 100%, in my experience at least, 100% is usually max allowable in normal use. When it comes to engine RPM for example, values exceeding 100% RPM can be allowed for some time without any ill effects - The Harrier is an example of this. So in short, it´s just a number. You should probably not overthink things. Just memorize 101% as the nominal rotor RPM. A simpler figure to remember than the 424 RPM that´s the optimal rotor RPM of a BO 105.
  14. All other modules have the pilots skin tied to the livery. So unless they have a new system in place for the Apache, the livery creator can opt for using the default texture or create a new one. So a livery of a UK Apache could contain multicam textures for the crew, with the correct patches and so on. At least that is how it works for all the other modules.
  15. If I would dare a guess, I guess it is something that is a part of the livery - so the pilots could wear just about any type of camouflage the livery creator decides. Which, if it is up to me, could include the Swedish m/90 splinter pattern
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