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  1. Hello guys, sorry for the time out of DCS but i'm more focusing on my real life flying career + porting my military sceneries over FS2020 to meet ends during the winter months while not instructing. i've been away of DCS for few weeks. if you want to ask more questions or get some raw files, i created a discord as its more easy to communicate. https://discord.gg/4XB4mf77
  2. Yeah sure, i'm working on the external model, and finalizing details. as soon as i'm satisfied, i'll do a video of it inflight.
  3. Don't be so mad Baco. it's ok, wipe up your tears. you'll get over it.
  4. Depending on the mission she could be the NOSA (Weapon Systems and Navigation Officer) or the IP... Always keeping a judging eye on you, for keeping a tight form. :smilewink:
  5. ooooh. looks like i hit a nerve. Our self proclaimed basement social justice warrior cuck is boo boo crying and feeling offended in his relative manhood. pinpoint accuracy on this one :lol:. i'm litterally taking training courses all day long, and don't worry for the pussy part. i'm ok on this side. ''i've been on this forum long enough and blabla'' : NERD
  6. Don't be so mad over a video game dude. i'm not a sad sack, just developped it for myself as a bored quarantine project, while being laid off while not flying (For real. as in Real job. not in a game). i don't devellop for any lame forum fame or virtual notoriety.But for my own pleasure. and i'm really pleased. The only hint you should take, is that i'm playing on an awesome Rafale B mod, almost paying module quality and you don't. So i'm a quite pretty happy sack. If you so mad, some PRO TIPS : 1) don't rely on other people doing the job, don't wait for handouts, if you want to obtain something, do it yourself. 2) if you're so mad in your life about a video game. try to get laid to relieve your tension, it could help, try to nail a girl, or i don't know get out and get some real life friends, go out do some sport, eat something. lots of options besides forums. 3) drink some chamomile tea it's know for it's appeasing virtues. for the other guys, here are some renders of the last version. I don't know if i am uploading more screens if it's to argue with crybabies about a game. i'm too old for this sh*t.:smilewink: this is the external model Btw, fuselage textures i don't know yet if i want to do some roughmet work or a fuel photoreal work.
  7. Hey guys, sorry for the delay. To clarify some ideas, this project was never intended to be a paying module but a free one initially. but due to the very sensitive data about the Rafale, and Dassault not wanting anybody to mess with the Rafale, this will stay a private mod, and will not be distributed by any means, and will be only private. It'll basically serve as a benchmark test for my future ''less sensitive'' projects. So i am not even sure that we'll be posting anymore screenshots, as the beast is nearing completion in the next days. Nobody wants to mess with lawyers, especially for just a video game.
  8. Hey, we are a new team of newbies in DCS modding and as a quarantine project we started to work on a Rafale B (Two seater) mod as our first project. Our goal is to finish a very basic flyable mod in less than a month. We started it on May 16th, and already worked 200+ hours on the 3d part of it. Cockpit modeling and texturing is a 100% done, and animations too at this time. We are also trying new techniques, as the modeling is done entirely in Sketchup. Exterior is 60% complete. Cockpit is 100% VR Compatible and tested with Rift CV1. EFM is planned, but so far we'll stick with hybrid FM mixed between the Mirage 2000C and F-18C to mix the properties of a delta wing and two engined jet. Avionics will be the F-18C in first. Screenshots were taken in VR
  9. So here are Tonight Screenshots. Various Seakings, various Eras, for maximum compatibility with your future missions. I'll add probably 3/4 more seaking skins, then 4/5 skins for the SH-60 then finish with the viking with around 6 Skins. Next will be USMC Ai Skin pack for naval ops. Please note that the skins are deliberately innacurate in terms of markings. the model paintkit is using a lot mirroring, so it's better to use ''symmetric letters'' to end up with a less gross result.
  10. THANKS A LOT ! GOD BLESS YOU ! i was thinking that i lost a whole day of working on this one : The Seaking was sometimes used to deliver the mail onboard, so here some good postcards :smilewink: Next is the S-3 Viking. i'll probably include each times two skins template (one with the old liveries and one with the latest ones allowing players to have Ai assets ranging from the 70's to the 2000's)
  11. thanks for the link urbi, but i'm more in the photorealistic side. i'll do my own ones. Does anyone have an idea on how to show the SH-3 Seaking to appear in the mission editor ?
  12. Now i'm stuck. i Finished working on the Seaking, to discover that the model is hidden in the mission editor or encyclopedia. anyone who could point me how to activate old Ai models. probably a simple trick in a lua file, but nowhere to look... :disgust:
  13. Hi'all, i'm working on a reskin of old Ai models. And after working on the SH-3 Seaking, it don't seem to appear ingame, but the model and edm.files are present in the Bazar folder. Any ideas on how to activate the model to show ingame ? Thanks a lot.
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