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  1. Can you please explain the differences of the various GVL mechanics: "RUD" ("РУД"), "Universal" ("Универсал"), "Spark" ("Спарка"), "Fixation" ("Фиксация"), "Step of the Screw" or "Shag-screw" ("ШагВинта"), etc.? Maybe a video showcasing all available mechanics & their differences!
  2. Thanks for the link! You are very resourceful man, you always have the answers :D I do wish that VKB would offer them in 50, 75 & 100mm variety though.
  3. How would you rate the performance of the wireless analog axes? Is there a large performance delta between wired and wireless?
  4. May I ask, what is the reason for the lack of straight extensions with VKB joystick bases? Being limited to a single curved 20cm extension doesn't exactly help to make VKB bases the most versatile option on the market.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion! May I ask, as assembled on this photo, how much did all the Monstertech parts cost in total? Did you ever consider any other manufacturer as well, and what made you decide in favor of Monstertech? ty
  6. Definitely, you helped me a lot, mate! I'm pretty certain at this point that it's going to be an S1 for me as well, I just need you to be the test pilot of my crazy ideas :D If it really doesn't work right out of the box, I'll just have to do some modifications. And thanks for the width measurements!
  7. Also, in your example of using the wired pitch & roll of the WarBRD base instead of the wireless one's of the F16SGRH: In that scenario you would also loose the rotary switch's ability to cycle between different settings for pitch & roll, right? Or is the Virpil (or the FSSB base for that matter) able to communicate with the stick and relegate input to it, when the rotary is switched to a different slot?
  8. Ok, thanks. It just interesting to me. So the yaw axis must be linked to some kind of force/torque sensor then, like in their FSSB base? Btw, is the break lever an analog axis as well? (any more than that?)
  9. Ok, but how can the grip by itself measure deflection in the pitch, roll & yaw axis is what I am not understanding? What is the feedback that it creates input from? Does it have a gyroscope? And furthermore, does the rotary switch (or rather the individual profiles) allow for saving multiple configurations of the analog axes as well? EDIT: Ok, never mind the second question. I figured out that different analog settings can indeed be configured with every slot.
  10. Can the rotary switch (including status LEDs) and the extra analog axes be used only with the FSSB R3 base, or would it work, say, with the Virpil CM2 base as well? Or can I use the Bluetooth connection to utilize all these extra functions? If so, is there any perceivable input lag with BT? BT is very prone to it apparently, especially on poorly configured host adapters. Also, can someone explain how I am to interpret the fact that the grip itself has "roll, pitch & yaw axes" to configure?
  11. No hurry! I'm in the process of moving, so I won't be able to set up my own simpit before January/February at the earliest anyway. I have BRD-F1 pedals from Baur, but they aren't exactly conservative in width, so I don't think I would have much luck with my installation either. If you don't mind, could you give me the mm measurement of the smallest and largest dimensions inbetween this front element? And if you eventually do get around to finishing your center-stick modifications, it would be nice if you could give me an update on how much wiggle room I would have with both a wheel and a center-mount stick installed, or whether it's feasible at all in various positions! Cheers!
  12. Thanks a lot for the album, mate! As for uploading, I usually just go with some image hosting site to generate a throwaway web link to my pictures, like img.bb or imgur.com I've been browsing RSeat's website just now, and the front part on the N1 does look like it's removable (or did you mean the top wheel mount itself?), and at least the 2019 version seems to have a bottom plate as well, but either way, the S1 certainly looks more versatile as far as mounting options are concerned. The thing that would worry me even more with the N1, is the difference in the seat mount compared to the S1. That black sliding handle for the seat seems to protrude further on the N1, and would presumably block access to the bottom plate in front of the seat, right where you would want to mount a center joystick base (at least as far as I can judge from the pictures that I've seen). I assume this is not a problem with the S1? Btw, is that handle retractable or maybe even removable? And one other thing that would interest me, since I plan on installing a yoke instead of a wheel: Those Thrustmaster pedals look rather big on the pictures. Were you able to make them fit, when you have the front/wheel base installed? Even if it gets a bit crowded in there, ideally I would like to install both yoke, pedals, throttle & a center-mounted joystick base at the same time. I don't mind having to install the actual grip & extension after I'm seated, but do you think there is even enough space to operate the center stick without bumping into a mounted wheel or yoke? I don't trust RSeat's photos enough to make a definite judgement.
  13. Whoops, yep, looks like I've been reading misinformation again... As for the tip with the Shifter/Handbrake kit, much appreciated! I plan on installing both a standard throttle, as well as as secondary stick or delta throttle for use with space sims, so having enough mounting opportunities for both was another consideration. The R-Seat does seem to check all the boxes in that department, heh. btw, was there anything beyond price that made you opt for the S1 over the N1 model? Or was it just due to lack of availability with virtualracingstore.com? In terms of upgrade options they seem to be pretty similar, and from the looks of it maybe even a slight advantage for the S1 as far as adjusting the front/wheel element is concerned. Do you foresee any problems when installing both a custom center-mount joystick & a wheel at the same time?
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