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  1. Unfortunately, VEAO is winding back its interest in DCS in general. I would be surprised if we ever see a new module from them.
  2. It would be fantastic if you got in touch with ED and got some kind of official support for the A4. I would love it if it was included with DCS much like the SU-25t and TF-51 as free aircraft.
  3. So if I get this straight the drag caused by the "fan" prop reduces efficiency. Too much bite creates too much resistance for the engine to handle. However if you had a theoretical engine that had infinite torque at a set RPM would the "fan" design create the most thrust?
  4. Spend 15 mins trying to get it lined up and then either run out of gas, or gun the tanker with twin 30s out of sheer frustration.
  5. Propellers for almost all prop aircraft, constant speed or not, have fairly thin blades. What would happen if a propeller resembled a fan, or even a cork-screw? What is the aerodynamic reason that most of the "disk" occupied by propellers is empty space?
  6. I get my ass shot down in the M2000C by an A-10 every once in a while.
  7. I love the wing flex in BST's F-5E, and given the similar shape and thickness of the hornet's wings, I would expect them to vibrate and flex in a similar fashion during flight. It would be cool to see this in the F-18C, particularly given the high benchmark ED seems to be aiming to set with this aircraft. Another feature that has so far not been implemented in any DCS aircraft is vapor build up on the wings. A certain unnamed sim has this effect, and it is far older then DCS. Often, little things like this can make a big difference in making our virtual jets feel more real.
  8. Every time I create particle effects (guns, tires on runway, explosions, crashes, ect) in the 2.1 version DCS, my game lags. I am running on lowish settings because Normandy lags anyway, has anyone else had this issue?
  9. For me, grass glows quite brightly at night. Is this an issue with NTTR or my own system? It is bloody irritating at night.
  10. When flying the F-86 in DCS 2.0, I find that at certain angles, I cannot see out of the cockpit because of severe sun glare. I will be chasing an enemy and simply loose sight of him because suddenly my canopy looks like a nuke just went off right next to me. This doesn't occur in the other aircraft I have tested, and is making the F-86 unusable.
  11. I fly like a dumb-ass on the 104th. Just don't take off on the taxiway and don't re-arm on the runway and you will be fine. Remember to turn on your IFF and hit "S" to interrogate a target before you fire. On the 104th, everyone has access to every plane, so just because it's Russian doesn't mean you should kill it.
  12. I am glad to hear this. I hope it is patched in soon. I love the props in the game and I want to see them represented more accurately.
  13. There are currently no flyable NATO carrier aircraft in DCS. Flaming cliffs includes the Su-33 which can land on the Russian carrier. I really don't know if you can get A-I aircraft to land on the NATO carrier, I have never tried. However, I have landed choppers on it and find that one can fall through the deck in places and it seems to have issues with friction. If you had your heart set on a simulation of western naval aircraft, DCS is not what your looking for quite yet. However, ED are working on an FA-18 expected to launch this year, and third parties are working on an F-14 and AV-8 harrier, also expected this year. When these aircraft are launched, I expect that the carrier system in DCS will be upgraded to function properly.
  14. It seems to me that the issue with the damage model for the 12.7 mm guns in DCS comes down to a problem with weapon penetration mechanics. To my eye, it seems like the rounds are not damaging components under the skin of the aircraft and are instead only doing damage where they first hit, as you might expect HEI rounds to. Here you can see that the aircraft is hit multiple times around the side of the cockpit and the engine, but the pilot is still alive and the engine is unharmed. Here you can see that when I finally did kill this guy, it was by shooting his tail completely off, and the pilot bailed out unharmed. Real 12.7 mm rounds would likely kill the pilot long before the tail fell off like this, especially since I was shooting from his 6 o'clock at the same altitude. I hope this gets fixed, because I love the p-51 and enjoy fighting in it, but it is at times frustrating to surprise an enemy aircraft and not get the kill in one pass because the guy's tail fin ate all the shots. Sabre has the same issue, but at least it has guns in the nose and an accurate radar gun sight.
  15. What type of refueling system does the AV-8 have?
  16. When both of these are out, I will probably buy.
  17. Marketing DCS I get the feeling that not a lot of people have heard of DCS. I wonder if ED plans to market DCS to a wider audience at any point. Perhaps after the merge into one client, ED might show off DCS at a gaming convention, or make a real effort to put the game in the hands of a wider audience. I feel like there are a lot of people who like military sims like ARMA, and might also like DCS, but don't necessarily follow the flight sim world and might not have heard of it. Unlike Prepar3d and X-plane, DCS is free, which might be appealing to many people unwilling to make an initial monetary commitment. Those people might be inclined to purchase modules later on down the line, particularly FC3, which is great value for money as far as flight sims go. I had been playing flight sims for a long time before I heard of DCS, and I really didn't understand what it was and how far ahead of the curve it was until I tried it on a whim. I now own most of the modules, and it is safe to say that ED has a lot of my hard earned cash. DCS has a wide spread of eras available, and the cheap, easy to fly FC3 planes can help ease in beginners. These attributes, combined with the initial cost of 0$ and the excellent quality control of 3rd parties, leads to, in my opinion, the easiest to attract new people to of the "hard core" flight sims available. Thoughts and opinions?
  18. I have to use the chute on a runway under 1.5 nm lol
  19. The axis on my brakes was messed up. It was a case of almost all the break pressure being applied at the same time due to the curve on it. I fixed this and I can stop on the runway without skidding if I am careful. I guess it is something the needs practice. Thanks for the help!
  20. I can stop the jet by doing this, but my runway is covered with skid marks. Every time I "stab" the breaks the wheels lock up and leave a skid mark. I have been trying to stop by applying partial break pressure for the whole run. Possibly I need to apply more pressure. I have flown a fair bit of the jet, but I just use the chute most times, so perhaps it is worth playing around with more.
  21. I normally apply as much pressure as I can without skidding.
  22. I can't seem safely land the F-5e with 2 sidewinders and gun ammo on a 2km runway without using my chute. I touch down at around 160 knots; and deploy spoilers and start braking immediately. I cannot safely bring the plane to a stop at the end of the runway. If I brake too hard, it skids, but that even doesn't slow it down fast enough. Is this realistic? The jet can take off really quickly, but to land on many of the runways in DCS, I have to use the chute. It seems to me like the F-5 should stop a lot faster then it does, at the moment the jet feels like it is on ice. Judging from the other American jets in the game, such as the F-86 and A-10, the ground handling is way off. (Yes I know, these aircraft have ABS) I did some research and could not find a definitive answer (one guy claimed 10,000 ft was pushing it), but with all the different versions people don't always seem to agree on how much space was needed to land. http://www.pprune.org/archive/index.php/t-483208.html Has anyone else explored this topic? I love the jet, but this has always bothered me.
  23. M2000C is the best fighter jet module in DCS. F-5 is fun but not as effective, same with the MiG-21. M2K is the only full fidelity aircraft where you can be competitive online in a modern setting.
  24. Does the C101 have an external flight model yet or is it just sfm? If so, would you guys recommend it? It is one of the few DCS aircraft I don't have, but it might be fun to pick up something new.
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