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  1. I'd like to see it static, shrunk and moved to the side a little. It's not easy for me to concentrate, find, then refocus on the list of targets and separate them from the forward instrument panel.
  2. I don't have a problem moving around but in all the time I've had the Apache I've only been able to boresight the iHAADS ONCE. It's really a pain to try and fly with NVS when your seeing double images. I'm sure that part of the system needs some tweaking because I can't see a real pilot flying a combat mission like this.
  3. I just saw a post from Wags that they are working on being able to switch seats on MP servers. I can wait for it.
  4. Flying single seat in MP is there is a way to change the TAD between TV and FLIR? If I'm flying off of MP then I can jump to the CPG seat and change it from there but since I can't change seats I can't change it. I'm talking about bringing the TADS up on one of my MFD's to visually confirm what is being lased for the Hellfire.
  5. I have made a couple of changes to the materials.lua files for the Apache and F-18 to help me. The change is only one line changing the color used in the HMD for the Apache and HUD for the F-18. Both of these changes work if they are placed in the DCS sub folder but only the Apache mod works if it is placed in the "saved games" sub folder. My question is, what keeps some mods from working when placed in the saved games folder when the exact change in the same folder of another acft works? By the way, I have placed the file manually and by using OVGME and when using OVGME I used OVGME to build the ZIP file.
  6. Unfortunately I'm in the %10 of males that is red and green deficient in my color acuity. Because of this I sometimes have to change the colors of things in DCS. Right now I can't tell who has fire control, me or George. If I'm static on the ground I can see the colors change when I give George control but when I'm flying and only have a split second to check and the background is moving and changing colors I can't see it. Does anybody know where the definition files for these colors are? I think they are in the "materials.lua" but I don't see anything that strikes me as being for the George interface.
  7. I got it working. 2.0 seems to be a good stroke for the display and I changed the "HMD_GREEN" to a neon orange in the materials file. It is so much easier to see against the clouds. I use VR with a G2 and the display is not GREAT as far as clarity. The default HMD_GREEN may be just fine for others.
  8. That looks like what I'm looking for. I'll try changing it tonight...Thanks.
  9. I fly VR and there is a difference from 2D. In VR the IHADSS display all looks like it is in a bold font and is hard to ignore and takes up way to much of the visual area when your trying to spot something outside. I've looked for a lua file to modify but I can't find what I'm looking for. To be honest, I don't know what I'm looking for. Just a blind squirrel looking for a nut.
  10. You are %100 right and I'm a blind idiot. That answers almost all of my questions. I do have one question left that will probably never get answered...Who the hell decided GREEN meant "not ready" and RED meant that it was FMC? When I worked on F4's a long time ago a red slash in the maintaince log meant not FMC but flyable and a RED X grounded. Did the French decide on the color coding?
  11. You misunderstand. I want to command the units from the F10 map while in a chopper. I know the basics but I can't find anything that tells what RED and GREEN are for or why are there formation movement commands if you can't select a whole formation. If a unit doesn't move why does changing the formation seem to work in getting them moving?
  12. You know I haven't flown an Apache, but I do have 15K fixed wing in my log books and if I had a much trouble keeping the plane upright as this version of the Apache does, I would never be able to fly a visual let alone an ILS approach. I'd have to use all my concentration just keeping it upright. When I see an unbiased critical review of the flight characteristics of the Apache from a real pilot I'll with draw my comments. Curves should only be used to make adjustment for different control systems and not as a fix for poor flight characteristics programming.
  13. Does anybody know where I can find a comprehensive set of instructions for moving and firing the units of Combined Arms from the cockpit? Nobody seem to think it was worth it to make a YouTube video of how to use CA from the cockpit. I would like to find out what all the options are for and how the work when I want to blunt a red force advancement but I can never tell if my fire mission has been accepted or not. It seems to take so long for a tank to even turn to face the enemy let alone fire on them. I tell a unit to move and nothing happens. It might move if I change the formation but a lot of time it just sits there,
  14. Lets quit making excuses, it doesn't fly like the real bird! The real bird doesn't have "curves" and this thing acts WAY to twitchy and underpowered as DCS put it out. Actual flying should be second nature to a combat pilot but with this bird you have to concentrate %100 to bring it into a hover or keeping the nose point in the right direction. Forget about what your CPG needs to get a firing solution. Your to busy just keeping the bird from drifting into what ever your hiding behind. That is assuming you can get it to hover with out "settling with power". If the real thing flew like DCS's model and I was assigned the Apache coming out of UPT I would ask for transfer.
  15. I'm using the community keybinds and its working great. I'm just waiting for some stuff from Digikey to build my button box. Until then I'm just learning what changing setting do to each item. What I'm really interested in doing is using the push function of the encoder as a modifier to switch between fast and normal. I want to be able to push and turn to change large heading changes and let it up to make the final few degrees of change. I'll download you code again. It was daunting to look at and even more so thinking about trying to use it.
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