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  1. Nemesis Hellenic Aviation Wing Squadron is looking for recruitment. We are seeking for fighter pilots and also Hellos pilots. Feel free to contact us.
  2. F-14A ~NMS~ Pistola | ~NMS~ Maddog 620
  3. ~NMS~ Pistola | ~NMS~ Maddog 620 F-14A Super Carrier
  4. Hello, I was playing in the server few minutes ago, i had 10 kills and 2 loss. And admin kick me out from the server. Can i ask the reason please? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  5. =GR=Trelopony Mirage 2000 =GR=MadDog Mirage 2000 =GR=Spanker Su27 =GR=Aeolus Mirage 2000 substitutes =GR=PISTOLA Mirage 2000 =GR=Pantheon_Snake Mirage 2000 Greece "Lock On Greece sqd"
  6. Every time are happening many explosives near the aircraft in multiplayer the game crashes.
  7. Hello , Some thing happened to me. Any time i changing slot or returning back to spactators, game is crashing. How we can fix this please?
  8. =GR=Trelopony MIRAGE2000 =GR=MaD Dog MIRAGE2000 =GR=Aeolus MIRAGE2000 =GR=PISTOLA MIRAGE2000
  9. I was running a mission and after few minutes the "" menu stop responding. I have tried to replace it with another key , but the problem not solved. Any ideas??
  10. Excellent mission. I definitely recommend to everyone.
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