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  1. I have 216 buttons. I get them all programmed then find a substantial amount have had their functions erased. this has happened 3-4 times already. What is going on?
  2. Ah, changelog says DCS in the Open Beta That is why I am confused using that version. Where do I get download for open beta?
  3. Here is log I have also had CTD's and hanging at loading screen. It seems to be working now though for some reason. dcs.txt
  4. v. Did repair. Where are the crashlogs?
  5. I get "Error Initialization Terrain" and cannot use Persian terrain.
  6. I have two Mig-21 icons at the bottom of the GUI of DCS World 2. One says buy and the other says 2.1.1. When I click on the buy one, it goes to the website and I sign in and says its is bought. Any way to erase the extra buy one?
  7. Thanks Stretch, I have been using your profile in BMS for years now.
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