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  1. Players are getting sick and tired of the same ole thing for the last years. They want something new, look at the 104th server, it used to be the premier server, now its gone very low pop. ED needs to pick up the pace on this new Dynamic Campaign. The reason non of these devs don't move with a purpose is that there is no competition currently. That is going to change though. ATTN ED Moderators, I am not bashing ED devs, so don't ban me
  2. So are they charging for this?
  3. Seems like a waste of time to me.
  4. At the very beginning of load process. I can get it to run maybe 1/10 restarts https://imgur.com/T1LV4VP
  5. Not visible on the map, or at a predesignated waypoint.
  6. How about a tutorial on firing mavericks at targets that are not visible or at a designated waypoint. Like on Growling Sidewinders server. Thank you
  7. Hi do I load the trees above the CGTC terrain mod in OVGME or does it matter?
  8. I am looking for experienced pilots of the 18, 16 and 2000
  9. The 104th guys used to do this when we only had the F15. It would be nice to have a community subject matter expert on each aircraft to provide some group training with newbies. That would be awesome
  10. These guys have gone silent. No offense, but I wouldn't expect to hear much from them for now. They have obviously ran into issues with the corsair. F8 isnt even on their radar atm. You see how long the Mig 21 took...right. but that is an outstanding bird
  11. Who ever makes the chinook or blackhawk will have tremendous sales, just sayin
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