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  1. I find that its the very last thing i do right on the runway or while the plane is taxi'ing , and i hold it down for a fair bit before it starts to move, you will Visually see the stick move as well in the cockpit which is way more helpful to indicate that your plane is trimming than the tiny needle burried.
  2. If i remember correctly, it has a lil plastic cover ontop of it that you need to flip out of the way first?
  3. Not an in-game screenshot but a rework of the Viggen loading screens for Celly wallpaper. Figured yall might appreciate.
  4. Question about the EP-13 The RB75s are the green ones, but seem to only have optical lock, manual says this can be changed with A0 A1 A2 but i don't notice a lick of difference... Having IR lock would be soo.. delicious. Aren't they the same maveriks anyways :blush:
  5. Yeah hes still getting it, we tried repairing dcs, re-installing the viggen module, the autoexec file.. Nada. He can fly all the other planes fine in mp, fc3, a10, mustang.
  6. Yeah we tried the autoexec for my mate and its a no go. Any MP server, when he so much as tries to spawn in a viggen he gets timed out, he can fly all his other modules just fine. I've noticed some pretty extreme lag when spawning in the viggen myself sometimes from the avionics.dll ?
  7. do the 04s sink subs? 1x per sub or does it take 2x per sub? They seem kinda weak to me atm, since the loadout is limited, as cool as they look flying, i usually just end up using the RB15s.
  8. I think you get me, if you do it just barely, you can just barely see the boresight and the ep-13, but barely on both accounts. I can hit things in fields most of the time like this but actual target acquisition with camo near trees or in a city becomes nay impossible for me because just barely seeing these at the kinds of distances you'd want to engage is just not enough. I end up just using rockets because by the time i can get a good visual confirmation, i'm usually close enough to just rocket anyways. ATM SOP for me at fields is just lowering barely to see both, at cities or trees, lower to see boresight, point at target point, ATT hold, raise up and to the right to actually look at the EP-13 and slew it to target. Then back to center seat before firing and dodging wtv the crap is coming at me. I can sort of understand why the boresight hud might be so high (maybe angles on the missiles? from the pylon?) but i can't understand why the EP-13 would be oriented the way it is... it just seems counter-intuitive not to mention it seems mounted on a simple mechanical base which would... be altered so easily for better vision at all times...
  9. Yes, but what im saying is that when you do you lose complete sight of the mav seeker head. For the 24s its not a problem, for the mavs it is as you can't confirm what you are locking on.
  10. I've found that even without a lock i can usually fire and have them hit the target. I'm essentially considering them Aim-9m and fire them when i expect them to hit even without lock, as soon as they're off the rails they seem to do their job just fine. One of my problems now is using Mavs, the hud is wayyy too damn high for boresight, same with the 24s, i have no physical way of seeing my boresight hud and my mav seeker screen to confirm the right lock. I can't imagine a pilot scrounching down and then up and to the right to confirm lock... I'd immeadtly re-align the mav seeker screen slightly. Physically if needed. Tried it in VR too the positioning is just as wonky, can't imagine without trackIR.
  11. Ah that's helpful! thank you! I was trying to use 04Es on the ships and then 75s on my way back, but that doesn't seem possible even if they have different modes, once the 04Es fire, the 75s seeker doesnt seem to come on anymore. So from that post, I would try to figure out how to assign AT-TACK in the lua and then i could bind it in the options...
  12. I can't for the life of me find the weapon selector bind? Id love to be able to select weapons off my joystick... I also couldn't find the emergency 24J selector, there's apparently a button on the throttle for it but i couldn't find it in the keybindings to bind it to my throttle.
  13. I am unable to keep the mouse constrained to the primary monitor. I am not using any custom set-ups or anything on the 2nd monitor, mostly just chat programs or voiceattack. Tried alt+enter with no success : ( Especially in cockpits its super hard to look to your right and press a button without falling off the monitor and losing input to the game. Problem has been around since 1.5 stable and now in Open beta .6
  14. Interesting, I wouldn't really expect the Viggen to "feel" like other aircrafts based on the canards. Would it be correct to assume they would move the nose around more than other aircrafts?
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