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  1. About issues with F16_bl50_Main_2. That psd file uses some custom color profile, all other files use sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Basically you see wrong color (more washed out), than what is actually there. You can see it here. Those are the same colors, they have same HEX/RGB codes. They're just displayed differently in photoshop, because of that different color profile. When you export it into dds, it will actually look like it's supposed to, ie. bright red will look like bright red and won't be washed out - that are those "main_2 dds is darker" issues. Anyway, anybody knows how to convert that file to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 without PS trying to keep same appearance and ruining the template in the process (making everything washed out)? Or maybe ED can export that file again, with proper color profile? Please and thank you.
  2. Can you transfer waypoints (inc. FP, HA, etc) via datalink? How? We're talking multi crew MP with human RIOs on both ends. I went through the manual few times, but didn't really found anything. Only some mentions about sth called DLWP (TID symbols, INS fixes,..). But nothing about how to actually create/transfer them. Can anybody provide more info or point me somewhere useful? Thx for help.
  3. Any chance for more info about this particular camo? http://wiki-maquettes.com/maquettes-avions-photos/gde_photos/BILEK-maquette-avion-1-72-942-GRUMMAN-F-14-TOMCAT-VF-211.jpg https://i.imgur.com/XNpXyHU.jpg VF-211, temporary camouflage for some excersise in 1986 I've been googling for three days now without any result...
  4. Slight OT / just FYI: I ignore / immediately delete whatever default HOTAS settings module has and bind my own. And I would really pissed if I had to redo them all because of changes to default, which I fear is a real possibility, given how it is implemented. Oh and some possibility to rearange order of device columns that someone mentioned earlier would be most welcome.
  5. Anybody has and is willing to share less rusty/dirty dirt layers & roughmet textures for them? It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Some said, that tanker won't refuel empty drop tanks, but will refuel them, if they have some fuel left. Anybody care to test this?
  7. Hi, I'd like to have L-39 cockpit in metric units regardless of simulator units settings. (I wanna keep everything else imperial/native) How do I achieve this pls? I tried some lua files editing/texture replacing, but no luck. All I got was no change or missing texture.
  8. In template instruction you mention five templates, tail & canards, 2x wings, 2x fuselage. Will there be a pylons template too? It would certainly be appreciated.
  9. Exact time down to the seconds, that's that information that i don't know how to get. Reading hours and minutes from the clock a converting them from utc to local time isn't the problem. The problem is that the seconds needle on the clock only goes from 0 to 15. I am trying to figure out, if there is way to tell if it's currently showing 0-15, 15-30, 30-45 or 45-60 that don't know about. Or if there's some way to output current time on the INS panel, or any other way to get exact time while in cockpit - meaning without using F10, info bar in external views or anything from the real world like phone or wrist watch. I need this for MP missions with my friends, so we can coordinate properly - take off at exact given time or be somewhere on time (using TD/RD & TOP). So if there is some way to get time that i am missing, like it's on the hud/radar screen, but i am too stupid and blind to see it or there is a mod for that or any other way, i'd appreciate if someone would tell me about it, thanks.
  10. I know its UTC, that's not the point.
  11. Hi, title says it all. Maybe I'm stupid, but i can't figure out, how to tell exact time in this plane. I know, there analog clock on the left side of the cockpit, but i don't how to read it. Hours and minutes are ok, but seconds are mystery to me. I know it takes 15 seconds for the little needle in the bottom half to go around, but how do you distinguish for example between 12:05:03 and 12:05:18? I can't belive somebody would made a combat plane without simple way to tell exact time, being somewhere in the exact time is one of the key things in this business.
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