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  1. I wouldn't call the game unplayable in my experience. I dont have a top end system (i7-6700k and 2080) it runs just fine. Getting at least 40FPS with the Rift S. Might have to tweak your settings if its dipping below the ASW threshold. The strangest VR bugs are the left eye/right eye differences on clouds and certain lights.
  2. Would there be any benefit to having a HMD mask mod only and keep all of the regular shaders? The latest version of the mod doesnt seem to give the same boost and now it looks noticeably worse than the unmodded version. I appreciate the work you have done with this mod and look forward to future improvements. Really should be a part of the base game with VR mode is enabled.
  3. I guess I'm just not as interested in clinical procedure videos, as there will be plenty of time to read the manual and figure stuff out. I just like the videos for entertainment value. A welcome break from guys pretending to be virtual flight instructors/fighter aces.
  4. Been hearing that Cap didn’t receive the Early Preview Access. If this is true, it’s a shame. Guy makes entertaining videos with about 40k subscribers. His hornet videos were some of the best ones. Anyways, it’s not like the tomcat needs help selling, just unfortunate.
  5. I delete those folders each time there is an update. The only thing I've changed is the version of DCS. Thanks for the idea. Usually when there are crashes from this many different users, they are quick to sort it out. Heres hoping.
  6. I just flew around for an hour or two online no problem in the F5, so maybe something to do with hornet or harrier?
  7. No mods. At one point i had installed the Skyhawk mod, but I deleted it because it wasnt compatible with online servers. Did that a couple weeks ago.
  8. Had 3 crashes recently, all on MP in the TTI server. Cant remember doing anything in particular, just flying around in the hornet or harrier. All 3 have an access violation in the crash file, not sure what this means, but here is the logs. I have never experienced crashes like this prior to 2.5.4. dcs.log-20181227-151034.zip dcs.log-20181226-234110.zip dcs.log-20181226-183806.zip
  9. Any news on this? Is it broken, or is the real one this difficult to use?
  10. Just to add to this, if you do it in multiplayer, it WILL crash the server. 100% of the time. Join any multiplayer server, land on the Normandy or Hazard, and shortly after the server crashes with your game.
  11. Did they make it in? I know its not imperative for flying, just makes the module look half finished.
  12. This is an old apparently reappearing bug. Guess something changed again.
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