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  1. Found the way how to get the SB and navlights to work... But the addonliery still causes problems... any idea? Regards Per
  2. Dear F-16 fans! I am a "newbie", at least sort of, to this module/DCS, and just bought the fantastic F-16! Amazing plane!!! But how/where do I engage/deploy the speedbrakes? and also, when I try to turn on navlights, the dont light up? Any of You kind people that can help me with this? And its also kind of tricky to get addon liveries to "set"/install properly, I can still "see" the old markings on the fin etc, any work around this? Best regards Per
  3. And thanks to You all about the info regarding the swastika, I have always wondered about that, what "rules" and laws that are involved in that symbol and "using" it today, here as well almost everywhere, plastic kits, RC models... etc, etc Regards Pelle
  4. I dont know if the word "fly" is the right term here... Haha, maybe I was just lycky, the first time... I will try some more takeoff/landings after dinner
  5. YES!!! I made it! Finaly! Gosh! And I was for sure sweating as much as a real A-8 pilot would have done the first time in a takeoff roll in this plane! But I made it of the ground, at the first atempt after pulling the stick back a bit... And (believe it or not) But I even got her safley back on the tarmac! Sweeeet! Now, just another question. How about the swastika, is it some law/rule due to history that forbidds that symbol, I mean painting a "full" swastika on the tail, is that a crime? Just curios... And again! THANKS! For Your kind help! Now I just have to practice even more! To get the BEST Anton pilot You will ever meet in the skies! Best regards Pelle
  6. My dear friends! Thank You so much for the quick help/kind words and response, Thank You so much!!! I will give that i try, stick back etc, as You all wrote, and hopefully get a better result! This one is such a beauty, and would be a "shame" to leave behind the barn just because of this "issue", right? Give this a try during the evening, and let You all know how I progess! Best of Regards Pelle
  7. In the name of... How do You get this thing airborne? Without groundloops, caorusele behavior, etc etc..."Easy A-8 mode", "takeoffassist", tryed it all, makes no sense... new CH rudder pedals, CH stick, everything in place... but this is wierd She is even worse than the I-16 and the ME109 when it comes to takeoff procedures Hats of to the developers, thats for sure! And she is for sure a beauty, but... To be honest, this is to real, or "real" for me, I mean one must get the option for 40 bucks to at least, even if its not the "real" way, but at least get her airborne... And again, huge thanks to the developers for making an outstanding A-8! A fantastic job and a work of art!!! As always! Pelle
  8. Thanks oreste! For Your kind words and understanding, I keep on training, and I do make progress in fact! Best regards! Pelle
  9. ...eller kaka på kaka, Så det gör den? I vilken form då om man får fråga? "takeoff assistance"? För i så fall är det inte riktigt det jag efterlyser...
  10. Dear msalama. ...Who says anything about dumbing down the plane? Not me for sure. I only expressed a tiny wish for a "beginners handling" choice from OG, as an option. Thats all, nothing else. So read me correctley please.
  11. "Meaning sacrifice realism for playability?" ...Meaning exactley what mr_mojo97 wrote... Not "sacrifice" anything, just make her more "fun" and easy to handle during start/takeoff At this point, 9/10 takeoffs/landings are "hit and miss" Mostley miss... And I am sure that I am not the only one to wish for that OG could bring some us "easy handling" optinon for the nest update.
  12. I have tried that, as well as assign the rudder to the "mixture" (the lever centered for "straight" rudder and the lever forward for "rigth" rudder and backward for left rudder...) but there is almost impossible to get it to work, what ever I do. With or without "takeoff assist) I have the "Dora", the "Spit" they are difficult, but nothing comapre to this. Is there no "way around" for this? Its starts to get a bit "boring" to fail ever 9/10 of takeoffs and landings... I excpected this bird was going to be tuff, but not like this...
  13. Amazing and awesome little bird this I-16! And hats of to the developers! But I wonder is there any way to make this plane even more easy to take of and land? I know, the "take off assist", etc, but for me, only with the CH-yoke and no pedals, how in the world do I get her to taxi? take off and land? in a more, maybe "unrealistic" way, but in a way that does not end up in skidding of the runway, ground-loops etc, etc. How??? Please, is there a sort of "cfg" that I can manipulate with, or... anything? Love this bird, but this starts get a bit frustrating, really. So please, Dear developer, or anyone else out there who might have the "trick", give a hint, tips, trick, what ever! Just make me be able to fly this (or, fly is not the problem, but the rest of it is...) Thanks again for this lovley little sweetey, but make her more "easy" for "idiots" like me... Best regards Per
  14. ...or why not the most beautiful jet fighter in the wolrd ever made, period! The SAAB J-35 Draken!
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