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  1. I searched and read a dozen or so threads here, read manual, Chuck's guide, and watched a few low drag videos on YT. Can't figure this one out. So, i was playing the Persian Gulf Fast meets Faster mission, and each time I flew close to the release point, i found the steering circle moving downward from my dot symbol. Just before release, it appeared to move rapidly downwards until out of view. I was very hesitant to follow it and the bombs dropped on target anyway (couldn't be 100% sure because by the time I looked back other dudes dropped too and the whole place was on fire). Does this mean I was too high? If I did follow the circle I think it would be a pretty abrupt pitch down, and the release will end up in a negative G push over.
  2. Samsung Odyssey. Seen this haze effect before? Seems to be mostly over the ocean.
  3. haven't been in VR for a while, just noticed that everything in the mid-long distance is covered in a bright, white haze layer, especially over the sea. I am playing the AJS37 beach interdiction mission and it is not supposed to have this weather effect (confirmed when not in VR). This happened in the BK90 FARP mission as well. Is this the result of low graphic settings? Anything there I can tweak with? Really kills the immersion for me. Thanks
  4. odd....I'm using the Odyssesy but didn't notice anything wrong. tried using left eye setting and noticed no difference either...looked in the mirror and confirmed i've got no cross eye problem. Hope it works out for those who do.
  5. Yeah, thought somebody would've posted this already. At least for Viggen is still a problem. For me the symptom is the airplane would pitch up into a loop soon after the replay begins, regardless of what I did in the mission. I tried the harrier and it works fine for several minutes at least.
  6. updated to the latest open beta, and found the replay function acting weird. Saw a few other older posts about similar problems. I used VR and it's strongly disorienting to view a track playback in first person view, without taking control of the view. Is there ANY workaround to view a replay and enable view control? I tried to play a few tracks recorded using older versions (several months old). I was able to press F2 and switch views, for instance, but the control input was totally fubar. Airplane violently pitched up although I did no such thing. To clarify, this happened on AJS-37 but AV-8 seems to be doing fine wrt both view control&replay quality. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I noticed that four enemy tanks simply forded the river, bypassing the bridge, and the mission failed before I landed back the first time... Too difficult...
  8. Thank you. Good thing I didn't submit it as a bug, there's none. I tried again with IRMV selected without interruption and it worked. I always had to switch to other things in a mission, hence the problem.
  9. Hey thanks for the explanation. I'll set up a controlled mission on ground with hot start and see what happens. I'm also concerned it may be a weapon mix problem.
  10. Wait a minute, ready during cool down? I thought they were supposed to show STBY when you first select them. If rdy then you should be able to uncage fine.
  11. Asking me? I've got them in STBY, so I couldn't uncage. This is supposed to go away after the minutes but in my case it never went ready
  12. Tried both. I might be wrong but I am under the impression that the countdown doesn't pause if you don't deserve them?
  13. Initially I suspected the same, but after changing the loadout the problem persisted. E worked fine, but G can't uncage if I follow that campaign mission. Starting from air in a custom mission and I could uncage without any problem.
  14. Maybe I should reinstall the module, repair doesn't do anything
  15. When playing Vulcan forge missions, I couldn't get the irmvs to become RDY and therefore unable to uncage. I selected IRMVs when airborne and waited much longer than 3 minutes (took out half of ISIS convoy with the gun) but missiles still stuck in STBY. Created a test mission with the same load out. Started in the air and could immediately uncage and fire missiles. Load was four IRMVs and two snake eyes outboard. Any help? Edit: this isn't a problem if you keep the missiles selected uninterrupted for three minutes. Also note Zeus note that you can box the Missiles on ACP before going to AG more so they you can prepare before arriving in the AO.
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