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  1. Is it has to be FAA license? My country license is only FAA CAT 2
  2. so after the 30 seconds dialog, you have to fire gun next to him to trigger the next one
  3. +1 on the 2 seater. It seems everyone always look down on a 2 seater version without seeing the potential. We had a lot of new player that just recently got DCS but are reluctant to join in a mission or play together in a public server because they are not comfortable enough. While if there is a 2 seat version he/she can just seat in the back and enjoy the experience while also learning. For example i was flying with a new guy on enigma server in an L-39 he didn't do anything other than help spotting and we had a blast You can't do that in a F-14, apache, Hind because you are required to know how to operate the RIO/Gunner seat which why I'm excited about F-15E since everything can be done from the front. Granted you wont be as effective as having a competent WSO but atleast he get the taste of what DCS mission is.
  4. IMO we are almost reaching the limit on the type of modern aircraft they can make and most of the well known 3rd gen aircraft are already taken by 3rd party dev so sooner or later they have to go for add on Variants(even Razbam are going to do this with their Harrier and M2000). Regarding to SUFA i think it would sell well if they sell as an add on type DLC instead of seperate module simply because, it's a 2 seat F-16, more weapons(having 360 python missile would be fun), it can fill a stand in role for Turkish, Greece, UAE F-16. Now Mr.Finke from truegrit was an F-4F ICE pilot that can Carried amraam before he fly the typhoon. So if its going for amraam F-4 its going to be that and i would believe it would sell well and i would love it too However with that being said, if we take a step back and look at HB development, we still have yet to get AI draken, AI A-6 which was already teased, and 2 tomcats variant on top of the typhoon they are making. So i doubt we'll be seeing any other variant other than E and navy one
  5. People buy an old 737-200 and then fitted with garmin GTN instead if buying 737-800 on the civilian sim. So there are market for it
  6. loaded some mk20 with ripple quantity to 1 and 8 but still drop 2 bombs ripple 8.trkripple.trk
  7. not LANTIRN related. but is it possible for the jester to stay in beyond visual range sub menu after using one of the ACM mode. i think if you use ACM modes, the next time you press Jester wheel is on Within visual modes.
  8. I would love too. there is nothing wrong with more variant, even the G. heck, even if we got the RF-4E I would be happy for servers like blueflag and Enigma that incorporates recon mechanic and other bunch of scenario. but with that being said though, I find it highly unlikely seeing that we haven't got the 2 remaining Tomcat variants
  9. Sorry for a bit derail. but do we know which sidewinder will we get?
  10. Unfortunately I dont own a server so I cant answer that. But if I have to guess, they probably just pick the first Nation that has the aircraft that they want to add on the slot and not bothering to choose a specific nation. And unfortunately, i think this is why this discussion gets heated up. It seems most people in here doesn't have a clue how multiplayer server works in terms of skin.
  11. That is just an extreme example that happen on a particular server. Most of the time is not like that. For example, i want to fly a Polish Mig-29 on a cold war server because why not its a Warsaw Pack factiom so still make sense. But because the server owner set the faction to Russia, I have to download a mod or edit .lua to be able to fly a Polish Mig-29. Its the simple things like that that would make everyone happy. And Honestly, I would prefer to have a clean install than having my DCS fill with mods. And editing .lua gets reset after every update
  12. you are trying to make a counter arguement on how a skin in MP really affect gameplay from a baseless assumption which honestly it doesn't, and not a lot of people care anyway But the fact of the matter still stands. 5000 user download the mod and workaround to unlock all skins. Which mean a lot people migh saw friendly skin on the opposing team, and i never heard any complains that the opposing player use the same skin as the friendly unit from various public server discord.
  13. Before I go any further. Do you even play MP? Because apologies you seems to assume alot how the MP community and how online public server plays.
  14. Seems like your problem with the mission editor for crearting a mission. While im down for a filter system that filter skins to a specific faction to make skin selection less clutered. But thats not what this thread about What I'm trying to say is when you join a MP server and spawn on the ramp and open the rearmament menu, you should be able to choose all the skins that are available regardles what faction. Most people rarelly roleplays and follow the mission scenario anyway in terms of skin on MP server and just choose the skins that they want to fly. And its not like I can just ask the public server owner to open the MIZ file and ask them to change every single aircraft client slot to change it to jtf. Well this is DCS MP, IDK if you play MP but WVR engagement rarelly happen in the most popullar modern server. Even if it does happen IFFing from a skin is not the primary way to IFF in MP. I've never encountered this scenario in any MP public CW server. And by the looks of it, this scenario would be unpopullar. So i dont think this will be a problem. And the fact is there are 5000 users that download the mod to unlock all the skins this doesn't include the one that manually edit the .lua. so again a lot of people would be happy if this is a thing.
  15. No. Idk if you ever play MP, most modern server does not rely on skin to IFF since they can intterogate with their IFF. if this is the case, then they should just outright banned and put the work around method on the inteegritty check. And on cold war and ww2 server, both faction use different plane anyway so we never use skin to IFF Here's the thing, if its not such a big deal then why not make it official anyway. Seems that will most people happy
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