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  1. RTB after successfull training mission in F-14 in Zone V campaign by Reflected
  2. On the contrary, I think that they are military training areas and their airspace is controlled by the Andersen ATC (see the document that Northstar98 linked, that is the source I used). The primary bombing range of Andersen, R-7201 (Farallon De Medinilla (FDM)) for example, is located in the southern portion of ATCAA 3A.
  3. I just uploaded a map drawing template containing published ATC Assigned Airspaces around the Marianas Islands from real world documents. I've used this in my own missions and thought that it could be useful for somebody else also. I use it together with Nealius' real world tanker tracks template I just wish you could save the drawings as a template... The only way I have found to add these to an existing mission is to manually copy and paste the nav points and drawings lines from the .miz file using Notepad++ which is a bit cumbersome Edit: oops, the user files upload is still pending approval... Attached the miz file here in the meantime... Marianas Special Use Airspaces.miz
  4. Thanks for the answers, my mistake. I must have taken a too long break from carrier ops...
  5. Am I going crazy? I place the CVN-74 John C Stennis in mission editor and get the old stennis, small and without deck crew. The other Supercarriers work fine. I'm double, triple and quadruple checking in mission editor, I only have one CVN-74. I have also removed all mods, run the repair, uninstalled and re-installed the Supercarrier module, to no avail What could be wrong? Attached is a mission with CVN-74 and CVN-73. When I run the mission, the 73 has deck crew and the 74 doesn't and it is also too small (i.e. it apparently is the old non-supercarrier Stennis). Stennis Bug.miz
  6. Please, see attached video. Newest Open Beta
  7. Hello and thank you for this great mod! Are you planning to add the new SA-5 system to the SkyNet?
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