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  1. how about playing it with "game difficulty" rather than "sim difficulty". i've been seeing that option but have no idea how simplified it gets when turned on. if i were you i'd keep it to myself. you don't want more pilots in a home where there is only one cockpit :)
  2. yes and no. first of all you gotta see the enemy to engage it. the first gen vr headsets have a really bad visual quality. even with maximum supersampling (which kills the fps) you wont get a crystal clear image. thus far away targets are a problem. but once you get close the action is thrilling. 1:1 ratio head movement makes it quite easy to lock onto targets with hmd mode of su-27. but once the enemy gets on your tail it becomes really tyring to look behind.
  3. i have hud issues with a10c and f15. you gotta lean in a bit to see the whole hud, which leaves the instruments out of view. i only have fc3 fighters. never tried mirage or tiger. but su27 and mig 29 are a treat.
  4. Great. Now i drooled on my favorite shirt. Awesome work there bro.
  5. Hi guys, After trying to find suitable hose repair parts and pvc pipes and waiting for months for that 5 pin PS-2 plug to arrive from China, i finally found a reliable and cheap solution to make your own TM Warthog Extension. I modified this 6 pin PS-2 multiplying cable to fit into 5 pin plugs of Warthog: There. It's 5 pinned now: And fits nicely: Next, i enlarged the hole at the other end of the cable, so the plastic piece in the joystick plug would fit as well. And here is the cheap flashlight that i turned into a threaded pipe Chopping it up: Turning the battery lid into female thread: The threaded lid fits nicely on the pipe. After using super glue it feels like a solid single piece: And here is the finished product: Buttons work alright: It adds about 8 centimeters: But if that isn't enough you can bind 2 of them together to have a longer extension: It's nowhere near the quality of those professional extensions, but it still gets the job done. Been using it for weeks now, and it doesn't seem like it's gonna wear down anytime soon. The plastic material that they used in flashlight feels quite sturdy. And of course it's lighter than metal extensions which helps with centering the joystick back (and shipment price of course) If you guys have any difficulties in acquiring those parts or simply feel overwhelmed with handcrafting, i have a few spare ones that i can sell. The whole pack weighs 61 grams. So if i can sneak it in as a "small package" through the post office, i think i can put a shipment included price tag of 20 or 25 euros on it for Europe and Middle East. I still have to talk to the post office about it though. So don't take it as a promise. And since i live in Turkey, it would probably take 7 to 15 days to reach European countries. (It's much cheaper for simmers in Turkey of course. Especially if you are a Beşiktaş fan :) ) Oh and i want that Tiger II and M-2000 so badly. So any money you spend on that extension will finally end up in the bank account of ED. Just so you know :music_whistling:
  6. leave em on 512. doesnt make much of a difference. the real deal is vr quality though. play a busy map with lots of buildings and objects around, then go lower from 2.5 to find the best performance/quality setting for your rig. i'm told that clouds also kill the fps when vr quality is set above 2.0. so fly in full storms or clean weather.
  7. hey that's what i bought a few days ago! it's perfect for my desk. it all depends on how far you sit from your monitor. 34'' would have been too large for me. just take a measure tape and compare your screen with 29 and 34. you'd come to a better conclusion. bigger isn't always better.
  8. +1 from me and +1 from wifey. so +2 from leviathanosaurus family.
  9. is it possible to disable clouds all together? creating new missions is ok but id like play campaigns too. and i can't change the weather conditions on them.
  10. -> go to controls -> click on modifiers -> set pinkie lever as a modifier -> double up the buttons on your stick -> profit! you can thank me later. oh and don't forget to bind a key to vr zoom in ui layer controls.
  11. i got my tm pedals just for the sake of warthog i have. and it's probably my worst choice in hardwares so far. not because of quality, precision or anything else. they are quite solid in these areas. but since my sim-pitesque seat has the joystick between my legs, i have to sit like a frog to get my feet on the pedals. and after several hours of gameplay, it causes pain in my knees. i wish they were further apart from one another. can you give some info on those custom made eastern european pedals?
  12. prices are almost the same. so it wouldnt make any difference on my end. but sure, if pricing goes on as it is right now and if i win the lottery i'd buy the modules on ed shop, so they'd keep the share that valve cuts. hmm i should mention that lira-dollar exchange rate is at about 3.50=1 right now. so you might think it's not just paying 60 dollars for a module while people from other countries can get it for just 20. and that i shouldnt be ranting about it. but thanks to that pricing policy, steam had made a huge leap in the fight against piracy. people pay little, instead of paying none for those softwares. i myself have over 150 games on my account and that's 150 games more than i'd have bought if they didn't sell them in turkish currency. just consider paying 215 dollars for the last module of DCS. would you still buy it? i wouldnt judge if you would. but i'll keep buying lottery tickets instead of those modules :)
  13. since it wouldnt have as much buildings, rivers, hills, roads and stuff as the existing maps do, i don't think it would consume too much of the developer's time. otherwise i'm aware that majority of players dont have a rift and they simply want to see a beautiful scenary when they look down on the ground. that's what i would want too. but variety is the key to a happy community. @David OC yes thats exactly where i'm flying all of my fast missions. but i can't ramp start from those airfields. the mission creator gives an error. no idea why. @Shagrat never heard of that! am i supposed to go for 1.9 and less? thats a shame
  14. i just checked the other regions prices too. seems like dcs products are sold at -give or take a few dolars- same price all over the world. that doesn't sound like normal steam pricing policy. so i'm really wondering if ED had changed their agreement with steam. if they did, im crying at the right corner.
  15. it doesn't need to be any of the existing maps. it doesn't even have to be hundreds of km squares large. i'm sure vr players will be more than happy to fly on some reasonably small island with good fps rates rather than a huge and detailed map.
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