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  1. Thanks for sharing , SU27 PURE FLYING Machine pilots dream your vids show just how good the DCS flight model is.:pilotfly:
  2. Thanks for sharing Persian cats nice camo, great tomcat too.
  3. The virtual trim is as seen in the 190 cockpit virtual view, Try deleting the assigned joystick button you have already mapped, then re map the joystick with your chosen button. Should then work, hope this helps.
  4. Agree would also like a Mossy.
  5. Hi had this issue way back when I first purchased mine, re install update your firmware worked for me Ken
  6. For [VR CENTRE KEY 5] Unless you remap to another key, I would say yes DCS numpad keys
  7. Hi yes same issue also, & In DCS 2.0.5 clouds rise higher than the aircraft I am flying, so never get to fly above them, HOPE ITS PATCHED SOON .
  8. I HAVE HAD ALL THREE OCULUS RIFTS you wont go wrong with CV1 Tracking better than trak-ir, I am a real world pilot and can say VR much more like real, no flat screen your in the cockpit, yeah much talk about resolution ,visuals, VR no going back...VR,,, made for flying
  9. Hi have the same issue tried all in this thread, just to report, Hope patched soon
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