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  1. I don´t get any respons when calling the TWR, and they don´t switch on the Runwaylights during nighttime flying. My Mechanic is the only one responding to any calls. /Stellan
  2. Unable to fire RB 75 reloading. /Stellan
  3. 1. Almost impossible to set the Parking Brakes. Managed to do it 1 out of ten. 2. Strange line in the Radar (radar.jpg ) 3. ARAK with ANF selected (arak1) Seems to be the center part of the Timeline below the aiming point. 4. During the dive with ARAK (arak2). No marks on the timeline. /Stellan
  4. This is the situation 30 minutes into the flight. Artificial horizon below the real thing, sometimes it`s the other way. Above the real Horizon. /Stellan
  5. I have the same problem. The navigation is visible on the Kneeboard map but nothing in th CK. /Stellan
  6. Still the same and when released over the Sea there is no reflection on the water at all.
  7. That´s correct. The backup instruments does not have any compensation for compressibility or position of the tube. Just intended to make a emergency descent in clouds. /Stellan
  8. Max indicated speed is 1350 km/h, ca M1.2 at low level. Above that speed the skin temperature will be to high. During testflight IRL at 500 m I had to reduce thrust when reaching 1350. So, M 1.3 might be OK. I was not allowed to try!!
  9. Using TrackIR and no problem to see that flare after the latest update to Open Beta.
  10. The weight of RB74 would create to much stress on the wingtip, therefore it is not possible to load in that position.
  11. The Viggen radar in DCS is OK. IRL we used the Radar to find targets on the Sea. That was the primary task for the Viggen. Over land we sometimes looked for a lake or a river but the radar was not intended for that. Our normal height over the terrain was often 20-50 meters, then the Radar is useless. We used our nav-system and a Map to find our targets over land.
  12. hilmerby


    Something is wrong with the SI (HUD). After the latest patch to the stable version,the Glass change colour dependant of the outside light. I have 3 screenshots. Sometimes the glass is white, almost impossible to see anything behind it. Sometimes it is green/yellow. Stellan
  13. After the latest "update?" The FLI (Horizon) is almost black during night. Impossible to use.
  14. The allowed G was 7 when we firts started to operate the AJ37 in 1973. Later the limit was set to 6. /Stellan
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