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  1. The last thing I can do for myself is to uninstall the game and have it installed from the scratch. That is going to cost me some time but I have already got used to spend more time on tweaking than actually playing the game... Don't get me wrong ED, but I still remember about 60% gain in VR you promissed some time ago. Keeping my fingers crossed for that. Thx!
  2. I do have same experience with 2.7 so far. 9700k with 6900xt cannot maintain steady 45fps in VR (G2) in my case. The GPU utilization is around 98%, where the CPU is only 10%. A lot of drops in fps to 41. The frame time I’m gettting now is around 18ms where it was 9ms before. 2.7 update reminds of 2.5 when arrived some time ago...
  3. Unfortunately I also belong to a group that has a problem with flickering black polygons when flying in VR. This is evident when I am on a carrier's deck, sitting in the F-14. The flickering goes away when I fly away from a carrier. It's super hard for me to fly without having MSAA turned on.. DCS is the only game where it's happening. I'm gonna try with diffrent Nvidia drivers today and see if it helps to get rid of the issue.
  4. Sorry, but where can I get that from?
  5. The introduction of ASW 2.0 could help. Unfortunately, there is no information from ED about it...
  6. Can you tell me, which one? I still have problems with the microphone being randomly turned off.
  7. Try to uninstall Inateck drivers and stay with the ones the W10 offers. That works for me.
  8. Still hoping to have ASW 2.0 implemented into game's code in the near future.
  9. Yep, the fishbed flies as usual.
  10. It's a nice plane to fly, but in VR it's one of the worst speaking of stutters and FPS. I do still hope we will get "improved" Mig-21 in near future. I keep my fingers crossed.
  11. Hi, Is the any statement from the ED about implementing ASW 2.0 into game's code? I do really appreciate all the ED hard work and effort they put in "VR patch", but I simply see no difference in FPS and better performance. The game is great to play, but VR experience is not so good. Are there any game code limitations that do not allow to do this?
  12. Yeah, getting the hornet safely to the ground and make it stopped before EOR is more stressful than landing on the deck... It's not a problem when operating from long runways we know from Persian Gulf addon to the game, but try to land the bird in Novorossiysk with 39,000 pounds...the safety margin is low.
  13. I thought so too. For best results, set ATRK in TGP and aim at the base of the target. I get the best results in destroying targets by dropping bombs from 20,000 feet and a distance of about 8NM. I'm able to destroy multiple targets that are close to each other.
  14. @VampireNZ, what about double vision during dogfight? Is the issue gone as well?
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