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  1. I have information to prove that other data link targets can be displayed under STT. Because of 1.16, I will not give information. Will this feature be added to the game in the future? In ACM, the data link target will show that this is a good start.
  2. I don't think so. It requires VMF, which uses arc-210 (DCS),and it is arc-210 in the game.
  3. USN still uses ter-9 / A
  4. The F/A-18 can carry ITER in a variety of data, but not in games. Is that reasonable?
  5. First, ADV is only a Advisory. And the area shows Warning/Caution/Advisory. Occlusion exists in reality. In the game, it's the whole shield.
  6. MSI does not require direct radar scanning. MSI includes data links and ATFLIR automatically tracks targets.
  7. Under LTWS of RWS, MSI displays HAFU, trackfile other than radar contribution.The MSI that appears in the game seems to be the opposite.
  8. There is no merger, and in LTWS you can distinguish formation targets. Although there is only one trackfile when it is particularly close, the trackfile number can accurately inform several targets.
  9. Normal after entering A/A. It's different from the real display.
  10. For the old INS system, the alignment time is more than 8 minutes (ASN-130). The new INS system (ASN-139) will be ready in five minutes. ASN-130 leveling takes at least three minutes, while ASN-139 takes only five seconds.
  11. The Elevation of TGT/ORP, o/s are MSL or HAE (WGS). The source of input values is distinguished by MSL and WGS. This is not a complicated problem. Now it should be WIP. Errors are understandable. Dynamic launch zones, loading PP plans from MUMI, which is what we expect.
  12. RTS XXX,which is not ready now. All traces, AACQ exits are problematic.
  13. yep. But that's not the point of discussion. The point is that AIM-120 and AIM-7 cannot be guided simultaneously.
  14. I can't understand why APG-73 can find JSOW at 20 nautical miles and sa-15 at 5 nautical miles. The SAM of DCS needs to be improved urgently.
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