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  1. I've been dabbling with CTLD to bring it back to the 104th classic missions, and so far the latest version has been working flawlessly, minus the one issue we can find where no one except for the mission host is able to see a FOB once constructed, has anyone else had this bug? A search of the forums gave no results. Thanks guys! 104cdt_Fallen
  2. @InSKY, S! Guys, very well fought! And congratz on being the #4 squadron IN THE WORLD. No small feat, and you guys 100% deserve to be here. We are looking forward to good things from you next year! 104cdt_Fallen, S!
  3. I have not tried to put them in the /TempTextures folder, I will try that next. also did not work, It appears that the engine is no longer loading the spec maps, but the roughmet textures are not being applied, it would be hard to miss for my particular livery. Here is a sample of my code lines from the Description.lua {"f15bottom", 0 ,"104th_f15_bottom_Diff",false}; {"f15bottom", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC,"104th_f15_bottom_Diff_RoughMet",false}; {"f15bottom", 3 ,"f15_decol_empty",true};
  4. Hello everybody, I've already done numerous searches on this forum, and google and cannot find a list of Roughmet enabled aircraft. I have recently made a new F15 Livery, but am unable to get the roughmet textures to load onto it, despite triple checking my description.lua, and I suspect that roughmet is not enabled on the F15, which sucks because I spent A LOT of time creating roughmet textures for it. so two questions, 1: is there a list of roughmet enabled aircraft? newer aircraft like the harrier and hornet are obvious. 2: Has ANYONE been able to get the F15 to recognize the roughmet texture type?
  5. Nevermind, I got it figured out :) Hey there, I am trying to add the LAU 115C's to my livery, I was able to get the BRU 33's to successfully add on. To further clarify None of the Aim-9's doubles, or the Aim-7's LAU-115's are using the texture referenced below, using the following for the BRU_33 worked fine in the description.lua {"BRU_33", 0 ,"104th_BRU_33_diff",false}; {"BRU_33", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"BRU_33_DIF_RoughMet",false}; I have this in my Description.Lua, did I mess something up? {"LAU_115C", 0 ,"104th_LAU_115C_DIFF",false}; {"LAU_115C", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"104th_LAU_115C_DIFF_roughmet",false}; Also Tried, to no avail {"LAU_115", 0 ,"104th_LAU_115C_DIFF",false}; {"LAU_115", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"104th_LAU_115C_DIFF_roughmet",false};
  6. Will the included air to air weapons of the hornet include reworked flight performance data? or will they mirror the existing stuff found on the F15?
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