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  1. So it turns out it was my virtual input (with joystick gremlin). I deleted the saved games folder and tried again, didn't work. But when setting input to the actual joystick it worked I ended up copying the saved games folder from the beta so the settings are the exact same ... and now it works as intended No clue why this would do that, I guess you can close this thread
  2. I already tried resetting everything Stable version Beta version Logs below The only possible solution I see would be to nuke the Saved Games folder and see what happens, or reinstall DCS which is not really ideal right now dcs.log dcs.log
  3. tried uninstalling and reinstalling the module, same problem tried deleting all of my settings (directly in settings.lua + inputs for pilot/george/cpg), same problem
  4. There seems to be a problem with the trim when comparing stable and beta versions. I use Instant Trim with a desk mounted Virpil WarBRD base and this is what I got. On stable the white diamond doesn't follow my trim (red cross), instead it always go back to center no matter what On beta the white diamond follows the red cross Now I know what you're thinking, just change trim modes ... result is exactly the same ... I even have a screenshot on stable where I'm fully trimmed forward and the aircraft is completely flat, it makes absolutely no sense. Am I the only one with this problem ? I checked my settings they are exactly the same, axes are good I have reset them to be sure, it makes no sense that I'm the only one having this. I have supplied the tracks for both stable and beta Stable trim Stable settings Beta trim (you can see the white diamond follows the red cross) Beta settings Weird trim fully forward on stable, aircraft is not even trying to pitch forward bug trim beta.trk bug trim stable.trk
  5. Though I agree with what you asked for, you missed the most important thing about the MSE: we need proper documentation and functionalities that don't break every couple update. The community can build anything upon that I also would love to have the possibility to set individual units health
  6. I have not experienced that, are you sure you entered it right ? Thank you, I wasn't sure if this was meant to be this way or just a bug
  7. Thank you for this @S. Low I want to add that it seems like there isn't much drift but it's because it is close, if you do this at 5-6km you get a target point that is a lot further away from where you lase !
  8. I probably won't be able to until sunday night ... But it is very easy to reproduce, happens to me everytime I store a target point as a CPG in MP (haven't tested in SP)
  9. When I store target points as a CPG, using the tads and the laser. Then setting this TP as acquisition source and slaving to it. It seems like the point is offset by a margin of a few tens of meters. It might be correct as is, which is why I haven't investigated more and provided a track, just wondering if this is bugged or not
  10. In VR the only solution I found was disabling the "use mouse" functionality when boresighting and using the mouse cursor (which is now at the center of the screen) instead of the HMD. It's still not perfect but much more accurate. I can just activate the use mouse again afterwards To be honest the boresight procedure feels random and doesn't provide much to the sim but frustration, maybe we could have a special option to have it automaticaly aligned correctly every time and not have to go through this pain ? Would be sweet
  11. Hmm that makes a lot of sense, I just tested and it works you're right Maybe the manual should use North East coordinates, it's a bit confusing right now I didn't even realize there were 3 digits for longitude. Thanks a lot !
  12. The user manual mentions the possibility of entering coordinates as Degrees, Minutes, Minute-Decimals when adding a point in the TSD, I followed the procedure in the manual but the keyboard display is flashing when I press enter. Can anyone replicate this ? I'll try to post a track later today
  13. I added the HOT3 on my end, not sure about the value it seems to correspond to the explosive payload for other payloads. ["HOT3"] = 6, Can you confirm it is correct and add it if all is ok ? Thanks a lot for the script
  14. I would love to know how you write your lua modules in rust :)
  15. I use MOOSE for most of what have been said above. I also played with sockets to send data out to a nodejs server, pretty fun stuff. I'd say having a better documentation (online and generated with your code), add API changes to changelogs and fixing SP/MP bugs would be awesome. You should probably look at automation of things like automatic update of carrier heading based on wind, recovery tanker, auto relief of tankers when empty, Smart SAM that don't always stay radar ON (as an option), better spawning capabilities (like a "SpawnInZoneFromTemplate" trigger function), having the possibility to add unspawned client slots as statics is pretty cool too. I also use MOOSE a lot to make AIs less dumb when it comes to engagements with the A2A_Dispatcher that allows me to set up borders for a faction, engagement range, disengage distance, etc ... + automatic spawning based on detected planes (can they carry fox3, etc ...) I've been using CTLD lately and I think this could be a great addition to the editor aswell for helicopter ops. Troops management and beacons are really cool As you can see there's a lot of great topics to work on :) Thanks for taking the time to ask the community
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