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  1. Can I ask..will this pass IC online? I did have it working but now it doesn't lol........and I can't go back to that lime green mess
  2. Cheers Jocko. Left hand side trim, throttle , radio box.. control column and under carriage control unit are 3D printed..the rest is handmade by myself in at my work..front panel and most of the left hand side...I also reworked the saitek pedals in the workshop.
  3. Thanks...would love to see the two pits side by side...my only other love is for the F86..maybe some day when I have space I’ll give that a go!
  4. Thanks folks..had a blast doing it...F18?? Is that one of them fancy new machines , I'm stuck in the past lol
  5. Not an exact replica, but it works and and Im happy with it. Was great fun making the rest of the stuff to add to the section I purchased.
  6. I would love them to work on a Typhoon..something we don't currently have and would fit perfect for the Normandy map
  7. Lol..should have re read before posting. Thanks for the comments folks.
  8. Had fun doing it lol. 1.5mm sheet steel and plywood sides and extras, added a 3d printed height adjustment and then padded the seat. Its fun and addicting doing this stuff..who knows what I'll try next
  9. Tried lowering settings, will give it another go I suppose :(
  10. The reason it takes so long to load is the poor optimisation of the map..if takes up a full 7.97gb of physical memory as it loads..I have only 8gb system and my rig dies a death to the extent that I cannot run the map at all. Shouldn't have been released without a very good optimisation run...in my opinion.
  11. I had this issue after updating to 2.1..tried all the fixes found in here and after trawling the web, I installed the KB file required..I'll post the link to the page here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2999226/update-for-universal-c-runtime-in-windows Choose the correct version for your system and download and install..you'll be good to go. Hope this saves time for anyone..took me bloody ages to find it lol
  12. Beautiful skin..wish I had one with my code letters on it lol.. If you need any more information on 602 code and serial numbers I may be able to help, I have the full ORB for 602 from 1939 to the end of the war and this information is usually contained in it.
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