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  1. Viewing this from a bit more outside, it's not always the best thing to use Wags videos as a source of reference. On the other hand, not forgeting about Wags' efforts to create these, and which are done in a very nice way IMHO. On another hand, his content seems to be remembered by people, which is a good sign. I recognize things after looking at them, ... and then getting stunned about the divergences *boom*. It's always a pleasure to see him sitting in the pit and to listen to his very - americanish - talking; I understand just the half what he says..., but anyway ... at least the HALF of it But this is maybe worth to be discussed in another topic. Anyway, @toilet2000 thanks for the info on this!
  2. Oh, cool. I also wondered why the radar was able to scan in detail with that speed shown in Wags' video. I have a question to the behaviour of the cursor, when EXP, DSB1 or DSB2 was selected: Why does the picture "jump back" if I try to move the radard cursor around? Is it related to the time delay the radar beam is causing due to the slower slew? If so, can I assume that it its not recommended to slew around when these three modes are active, does it? Wags didn't use the cursor to slew around, he just used freeze and then slewed around. I am asking, because I face problems when using FREEZE and then slewing the cursor, that when using TMS the point on the radard display doesn't correspond to the point in the world.
  3. AlexPlorateur maybe had that scene in mind: https://youtu.be/JenH3nam0xY?t=452 So the video shows obviously something else to what is currently modeled.
  4. Hey Falco, have you tried it the other way by de-selecting the option "sync cockpit controls with HOTAS controls at mission start"? I am asking because I have a similar issue on the Hind (SPAWN HOT), engines running, throttle is 100 forward on my Warthog, but engine RPM comes down once I click "Fly".
  5. I remember a topic which collected all typos and weaknesses of RC2, but unfortunately I cannot find this thread anymore It was a list, for which many users posted errors and suggestions for improvements. edit: I just found it (I was in the Bugs & Problems forum, had to go one level up): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RJvnDXj52l8zWASNFfQkbaklSNIJ4eVKDOSnGeajsUE/edit?usp=sharing edit: Apart from all, my question remains.
  6. Hello HB! Can we expect the RC2 manual updated (maybe to RC3) someday in the nearer future? Thanks and kind regards, TOViper
  7. Just a small guess (but TBH not knowing about this module too much so far): have you applied the role "Anti-Ship" for this group?
  8. IMHO, the most perfect music for the DCS main menu loop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhUP5nGKUsQ&ab_channel=EpicMusicWorld Already implemented the OGG file to my installation folder, what a blast!
  9. Can you offer this as well someday in the near future? I am asking because the map is - due to the nature of this certain area in the world - empty over wide areas. So it would make sense to have really pretty textures to compensate for the emptiness. So far, I like the map very much! Thanks for creating it!
  10. Can't wait for downloading & flying it! Keep it up Sir and sending 1000 thanks in advance!
  11. Negative. CPU's/mainboards of both computers are not supported by Windows 11 (furtunately ... )
  12. This topic is marked with label "Correct as is". Was the label placed before Quigon's post or thereafter?
  13. Hm, after flying a few hours more, the initial problem with the spikes is back. So the poti is garbage. Pure garbage.
  14. Yep, once you have a hand ... then this machine is a dream!
  15. Welcom Viggen Driver! 1.) This is OK, see Manual page 140 2.) Are you using *.PNG format? I think only picture formats like JPG and PNG are allowed. I am using PNG, they work very well!
  16. Never mind, seems fine. Are you sure you have to open trigger safety in order to switch between the stations? For me it works without it ...
  17. Guys, is this button working correctly for you? Yesterday, during a training flight, I had the impression that the button indeed switches between the weapon stations, but the indication using TAKT OUT was not in coincidence with the station. Unfortunately I don't have a track, so I am asking you inbetween until I have access to my computer.
  18. This just makes the targets visible for a longer/shorter time, not the radar bulb, does it?
  19. According to the content of the updatelog, it is time to step into the Rb-15 again ... looking forward. Thank you Mike & Team for the fixes, it is a joy to see how my love is getting more and more beautiful with each update! Just a question: why was "the mobile-ground-crew relocation from the kneeboard" removed?
  20. Just for curiosity: does the behaviour change when you open/close the canopy?
  21. Same here. Downloaded yesterday, flew 3 hours. Fell in love. Just had a few confusions in A2A when locking targets (on radar screen locked, on HUD not ...), but flying around makes me smile Have to dig in deeper. Funny to see how big the Viggen is in comparison with this small but powerful little bird. This can be seen in the Instant Mission with the Road base training. Guys, please continue!
  22. I think it was either one of: - "Antialiasing - Gamma correction" - "Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization" - "Multiframed Sampled AA (MFAA)" Sorry, I am still not sure which one it was, but I hopy you get it work. Kind regards!
  23. You are using other mods? Other approach: Are you using any special graphic setting (e.g. in the NVIDIA control panel)? I remember having problems with the Maverick WPN page in the F-16 when I used a certain setting from the control panel (unfortunately I can't remember which one it was ... sorry)
  24. IMHO it is not that bad, since during a cold & dark cockpit preparation I usually set this switch to AUTO anyway. Much more interesting is the question if this switch changes anything? I remember times (must have been somewhere in 2017 or maybe 2018), when AUTO didn't provide enough fuel flow for correct performance, but MAN did.
  25. see https://forum.dcs.world/topic/292949-bransleregl-man-at-spawn/#comment-4891893
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