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  1. Hi there, I hope this is not too off topic. If it is if a moderator wants to move it or delete it that's fine, I can't think of anywhere else to ask this. I am desperately trying to get my account (Darkfury) activated on the hornetpits.org forums. I am trying to build an F/A-18 home cockpit and I have been trying for a very long time to get access to the forums as I am sure there is a wealth of information there to help me. I get no reply to my registration application, nor did I get a response to my facebook messages. Feel free to PM me with any suggestions if you don't want to post in this thread, I would be very grateful. In the first instance I am looking for panel files that I can cut with my K40 laser, if anyone has those available. Cheers, Darkfury
  2. If you use Skatezilla's awesome launcher you can swith between Beta and Release at the click of a button without having both installed. If you pick the other option to the one you have installed, it will just update the files it needs, generally takes less than 5 minutes for me. Up to you but its an alternative for waiting "month after month" when you list disk space as the reason.
  3. Thanks a ton Grimes. At least I know I am not doing anything wrong. They are all in the same group. Damn that current limitation! I will amend my mission to either separate them, or skip that bit. Thanks doodenkoff for trying to help as well!
  4. Apologies, this is probably a dumb question. It's my first DCS script I am trying, let alone MIST. I just want to output a different message to two pilots for a training mission. Whatever I seem to do, both client aircraft receive both messages despite them being called 'Pilot01' and 'Pilot02' and using the below code. Mist is running at startup and I get no errors so I think all is well with that. Maybe I have a scope problem? I don't yet have my head around scoping in DCS or LUA. Any ideas? This is in DCS 1.5.8 latest build. local msg = {} msg.text = 'Your callsign for this sortie is COLT 1-1' msg.displayTime = 10 msg.msgFor = {units = {'Pilot01'}} mist.message.add(msg) local msg = {} msg.text = 'Your callsign for this sortie is COLT 1-2' msg.displayTime = 10 msg.msgFor = {units = {'Pilot02'}} mist.message.add(msg)
  5. Thanks a lot for clarifying. Thats the perfect answer! He would get bored if it was too easy :)
  6. I seem to be spamming this Gazelle forum lately, apologies! Is there a known issue with multi-crew and AutoHover? If one of us jumps in a Gazelle he can AutoHover without issue. As soon as his weapons man hops in any existing AH loses automatic yaw and collective, nor does AH work after that point. Not the end of the world as it's a bit too easy with AH on maybe :) I just wondered if it was something like the radio, where the commander also has to turn on the radio before it will work even if it already looks to be turned on from the pilots point of view. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks again Absha. I didn't realise it would be so different. I was picturing it as one more option on the ADF/DOP dial and somewhere to enter the ILS frequency, not a whole different cockpit :) And I will check out that LotATC, thanks for pointing it out.
  8. Thanks all for taking the time. While the Gazelle is quite 'twitchy', with the various autopilot options on, there is no way it is the least stable of the DCS helicopters. You can adjust flight and it will return to straight and level flight at a course, speed and altitude you have selected... I believe there are IFR certified Gazelles. Just maybe not the ones modelled in the Sim. It's the landing that was worrying me without ILS, I guess I just need to raise the cloud base a bit. Very cool info Absha!
  9. Is that ADF to get to the airbase and then go down slowly till you get to the ground? :)
  10. Loving the Gazelle! I searched Youtube, the manual and here, so sorry if I have missed it. Am I right in thinking we cannot do IFR approaches with the models of Gazelle available to us at this time? I realise I can use ADF or waypoints for example to locate an airbase, but I was hoping to do non-visual approaches. No worries if not, it's still fantastic, I just didn't want to be not using something because I had skipped an addendum somewhere.
  11. Ok. Sorry, it looks like it was another stoopid question! We tried SRS Intercom and it all worked fine. We are loving the Gazelle multi-crew now, thanks for the advice guys.
  12. Sorry if this is a stupid question. My friend and I both bought the Gazelle and both jumped in the same helicopter and all looks great so far! But we can't seem to get comms between us, it even seemed to disable comms for the pilot. We normally use the awesome SRS when both flying A-10C's for example. Should we have a working Intercom? Or we can just use TS or Skype. Again, sorry if the question is stoopid!
  13. Thanks guys for trying to help and no worries McFlurry, its worth me double checking everything. The video was a youtube one I was following which showed Huey Navigation, I will try and get a quick video of me showing the problem if needed. My friend and I tried again, starting from a farp about 8 miles north of Creech. When we tune in the ADF the radio compass shows the needle pointing nearly straight across, left to right. So what seems to be happening is that the ADF signal.... OK I got as far as the above and had a brainwave (or common sense kicked in rather). It's all sorted and sorry to waste everyones time. I went back in game and checked where the NDB actually is and it's around 18 miles West of Creech airbase. So even when I flew out about 10 miles West the actual NDB was still west of me. Doh. Now I feel stupid!
  14. I am not sure if this is an issue with v2 (latest build) or if it is just something I am doing wrong, as I am just trying to learn navigation in the Huey. I start off West of Creech AFB, tune my ADF box to 326 and can hear what sounds like the right morse code to me. But my radio compass gives me an arrow which points directly away from Creech. I checked my radio compass against my magnetic compass and they are both aligned, so its not that my radio compass is '180 out of whack'. Is this a known problem with v2 perhaps? Or a problem with the Huey module? Or a problem with my understanding of ADF? (not impossible!). I don't think I am tuned into the wrong ADF signal as flying against the arrow takes me directly to Creech. For info I used the absolutely amazing video below as reference; ${1} . Anyone got any ideas?
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