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  1. Probably solved Thank you for idea, m9matt! :thumbup: In this particular case it seems that it is not about distance from JTAC, but about ORDER in which units were placed in mission editor. I have never encountered something similar before, but every player/client aircraft which I heve put in editor AFTER JTAC, does have JTAC in radio comm menu. Those which were there BEFORE JTAC, doesn´t. **EDIT** OK, another test proved that problem was not in ORDER, in which units were placed in mission editor, but in Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Every single added player/client group is OK, but once I have used Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V it somewow corrupted both copy and original group and there were no JTAC menu for them.
  2. That is interesting. It was ment as multiplayer mission for me and few friends, so all slots at Nalchik are "original ones", the slots at Kutaisi are only for trigger testing.
  3. I am not at PC at the moment to check, but location of JTAC is clearly visible on screenshot on post #8. It may be hidden in original mission file in OP. It is definitely there, because it is in radio menu if spawned at Kutaisi. Whole mission is ment to be radio comm and navigation practise. It has 5 parts. Part 1 is visual flight from Nalchik to Beslan. Part 2 is flying along waypoints to Tbilisi. Part 3 is escorting tanker to Kutaisi. Part 4 is locating ground target using JTAC and part 5 is locating air target using AWACS. Except of JTAC part, everything works.
  4. JTAC is NNE of Kobuleti, as on map screenshot.
  5. I have attached some screenshots to make more clear, what my issue is.
  6. No. It was simple trigger "once part of coalition in zone, activate ground group". And as said before, JTAC itself activated (it was visible by F7), but no F4 JTAC radio comm menu appeared. It seems like LOS is checked only at the start of the mission, but there are no updates later. Maybe not even LOS*, but purely distance: players close enough get F4 JTAC menu, and others do not, even if they literally fly over the JTAC. *JTAC menu works for players at ramp at Kobuleti, and there are plenty of hills, trees and buildings between them and JTAC, so no direct LOS.
  7. Well, that would be OK if F4 JTAC comm menu appears once player gets closer, but it doesn´t. It seems player have to be within some distance from JTAC from the begining (spawn). In earlier version of enclosed mission, JTAC was activated by trigger once in nearby zone. If player flies to that zone from Kobuleti, everything works flawlessly. If player flies to that zone from Nalchik, JTAC spawns (it is visible in F7 Ground unit view), but there is no F4 JTAC in comm menu.
  8. Hello, does distance from JTAC at mission start influence whether F4 JTAC Communication menu will be available? If I start mission 10 NM from JTAC, everything is working perfectly. JTAC appears under F4 in Communication menu, comunicates, marks target etc,... But if I start mission 85 NM from him, there is no JTAC in Communication menu at all, and it doesn´t appear even if I get closer. See enclosed mission. JTAC is near Kobuleti. If you spawn at Kobuleti, JTAC menu is there. If you spawn at Nalchik, nothing (but F6 Tanker and F7 AWACS works). Is this bug or feature? How can I make it work? Late activation once near or friendly AI aircraft flying nearby doesn´t work. Thanks -- COMM and NAV all DAY nolateact.miz
  9. I am not sure, but doesn't type 3 mean that target is not directly visible, so it cannot be lazed? Isn't your JTAC too far or hidden behind tree, building or even a small hill?
  10. Another attempt as in my previous post, similar results. Sceens compare how I see gun CCIP pipper in-game and later in replay. What could be wrong? :(
  11. Now kinda funny thing: I finally rembered to save a track of flight where gun pipper was displayed low and bullets flew well above the target. I was just checking the track, but in replay the gun pipper works perfectly. So instead of showing how bullets fly well above the target, with pipper right on target and IN RNG, replay shows pipper above the target and bullets flying where pipper aims... After second gun run, I was switching from CCIP to MAN and back. While in mission I remebered how pipper moved up while swicthing from CCIP to MAN, and down while from MAN to CCIP, in replay it moves the other way round. So, at least to me, gun pippers is displayed kinda randomly. Note to trk: It is custom mission, gun attacks starts +/- after 15 mins (08:45 in game time) Hornet guns 1.trk
  12. Hi Flagrum, I think I know what you mean. But problem is, that even if range counter and IN RNG message appears, reticle itself moves just a little bit (probably according attitude, AoA and speed as you said), but definetly not enough. What I ment was that is kinda strange that reticle appears at very different position even before commencing an attack (probably before CCIP computing even begins - reticle turns from thin to thick once you point nose against ground, that should be begining of CCIP computing). Once pipper appears above speed and altitude boxes, aiming is very precise. But once pipper appears below, rounds land far behind target, even with IN RNG message (as on razo+r´s screenshot). Pipper just wont go "up" enough. This occurs very randomly, but I will try to make more screenshots later. I will also try if reticle apperas at different position if selcting MAN, instead of CCIP.
  13. It seems the gun reticle is very often in different position after slecting A/G mode and GUN, see pics below. Screens 01-03 are from same flight, Instant Action: Hornet Conventional Bombing. Other 2 are from my custom missions. Very often even in my custom missions reticle is OK, and I believe at least once in Instant Action: Hornet A/G Gun and Rockets the reticle was quite off - but I do not have any screenshots. I have clean DCS release version
  14. Hello everyone, the list below is just a few things I would like to see in DCS World. 1) Encyclopedia: I think it would be nice to have drop-down menu with all available skins for the selected vehicle. 2) Mission briefing: Would it be possible to have table of navigation info generated to mission briefing, or even to kneeboard? I mean bearings, distances, speeds, times, altitudes from waypoint to waypoint, nearby radionav stations and their freqs and so on? 3) ATC: some enhancements would definetly be appriciated. Like different approaches (VFR, NDB, VOR/TACAN, ILS/PRMG, vectoring), vectoring to be more precize (not just directly to IAF), ability to vector/separate each flight member. Tweak things like "Cleared for visual" when there is 500m visiblity and so on. And since in ME you can already assign parking spots for aircraft after they land, there should be command from ATC to taxi to that spot too. 4) Marshaller: He could assist you with start up, GPU, take chocks before taxi, and lead you to exact parking spot and put chocks after arrival. That would be cool. So, what is your opinion? Have a nice day Gnat11
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