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  1. Hi all, trying to load up, say 3 x Mk82's on one pylon, no problem getting it on the plane, but looking at the stores page, it either shows up as "3 ?????" or shows 3 Mk82's, but doesn't show up on the top row to select it. Found this happens with most weapons with multiple units on one pylon. Is this known?
  2. Found it, my bad, blind as a bat.
  3. gamers that are interested in planes, this is after all, a simulation game.
  4. Maybe I'm blind, can you copy paste that bit as I didn't see anything about "weeks"
  5. Edit:- I'm blind as a bat and suck at speed reading
  6. I don't know if i've got this right, but how it was explained to me is that during multiplayer every client that is connect to the server has to have the skins that are used in the server, so my suggestion is based of this. Could the skins be moved client side? so you can fly with whatever skin you like, and it only appears to those that have the same skin installed, otherwise it just appears as a default? This would make it better for group play, video making and a general improvement all round.
  7. Will the Road System be able to be used by any plane/heli? Specifically thinking for RAZBAM's Harrier?
  8. Couldn't you cut back on the fuel?
  9. Cant you just utilise the Helipads that are at FARP's?
  10. Is there any plans to release a good SDK for DCS post-merge? How about a 3D mission editor or incorporating MOOSE and CTLD into the actual game itself, so you dont have to learn to script to build decent missions?
  11. So, was there a final verdict on whether or not the Harrier will be able to land, re-arm and take off again from FARP's? Either in VTOL or STOL? Would give it great versatility seeing as it has limited stores compared to the A-10.
  12. Thats a shame, its a pain to have two installs and it can't be easy on ED's resources to have to split between the two.
  13. Hi all, Title says it all really, when are we going to expect a merge of the various versions of DCS? Thanks ion advance
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