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  1. Hi, have it been added support yet to be able to include custom skins liveries in a MP mission, to avoid all players have to download the skins separately before joining server? Like you put them in a folder inside the .miz file?
  2. Hi, I'm searching for a plugin/program/addon to get the name of the person speaking in TeamSpeak visible as a overlay in DCS, for example upper left corner. It has to work in Oculus Rift VR.
  3. Enjoyed your server all weekend, awesome!! :-)
  4. The VR center position is set during the loading screen, so either remain in correct position or just pres numpad 5 when in-game. /fLa
  5. I had the BK90 on 6 and 2 and the RB74 on 5 and 3. I just tried my mission file again and could not reproduce it. I did reproduce it twice before, but since I moved the start position of the plane to airbase. Now moved it back (start in air) and can not reproduce. I also changed some weapons in between, but changed back to same.
  6. Hi, I loaded my Viggen with 2 pcs of BK90 and 2 pcs RB74, headed towards the target with setting 921000 for the BK90 and release mode SERIE. When in range I pressed and hold the button and expected two BK90 firing...instead one BK90 and one RB74 launched :cry: I guess it must be bugg or is it not a compatable loadout?
  7. Hi, thanx for this, great. But some issues, the "RB-04...Release Mode Valb/Prep" and "Weapon Release Mode Fallsattomkopplare" both are hold so not possible to map since they require key to be hold to be active, should toggle. Same thing with the "Main Electric Power On/Off", must also HOLD to stay on.
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