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  1. I have been flying on Blue Flag since I think Round 5. I don't think it is a matter of the Red guys being more skillful pilots, I think it is more of an issue of the Red team tends to organize better to perform the tasks at hand. I have always played on Blue, and have been flying on the server with 20 or more folks on Blue side, all on simple radio (or most) according to the web map, and not one person is saying a thing. Many times there is no GCI on blue, and everyone is just out doing their own thing and refuse to communicate. While Red team typically seems to be much more coordinated...which is why they tend to appear to be more skilled. The current map is a perfect example, a loaded Blue team, but no movement capturing anything Red. I also think this is the issue with most of the Harrier pilots, it is not that the plane is not useful, I fly it a lot and can do quite well. It comes down to a Harrier pilot flying off by himself, with no CAP and then they getting taken out by a fighter as an easy target. Communication is a huge key to being successful in Blue Flag, and many times, for what ever reason, the Blue side does not have it. Now I know that when an actual round is going that tends to be different, but day to day it seems to be true. Just my two cents
  2. This is a great thread. Let me add my thanks and congrats on an amazing update. It just looks so nice. I have just about crashed several times now because I was paying to much attention to how great everything looks and not on what I was doing. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  3. Shab249, I have to disagree, and I think you are in the minority on this one. With what it takes to develop these aircraft, and the amount of detail that is put into them I will pay $80 without question for a full fidelity aircraft. You have to realize that even though all the aircraft fall under the DCS World umbrella, each one is essentially a "whole game". So the price should not be that overwhelming considering what new games go for now. Along with that, they are giving you the opportunity to pre-purchase for $60, so take advantage of that and save yourself $20. They could have just said screw it and charge the full $80 right from the beginning. Unfortunately prices go up, that is life. As long as they stay within a reasonable level I don't see an issue with it. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I just updated to the new stable release version and tried to update my controls for the AV8, when I hit OK to save the changes it just goes to a black screen. I had this issue recently in the Alpha version and I fixed it by doing a cleanup and repair. Unfortunately when I did a cleanup and repair on the stable release version it did not fix the issue. I am still unable to change any controls without it going to a black screen when hitting the OK button.
  5. Well I had some time to fly a little this afternoon, but the few times I came back to land I had dumped too much fuel so the plane was light enough I landed without using any water or stress on the engine. I only went over 100% once for a brief second. So I need to make sure I am coming in a little heavier so that I am getting some water usage. My gut feeling is that the issue is when you rearm/refuel and they fill your water back up, or, as noted before, I could have been just be over stressing the plane previously and then when I come back to land the engine is shot and even at full throttle never gets high enough RPM or JPT to start water flow. Although, it just seems odd that this only occurs after I would rearm and refuel go fly mission and then come back and try to land again. It never has occurred on my first landing.
  6. Yes, I know that chart well, and understand the parameters that begin/end the water flow. I watch them very carefully when doing ship operations so I don't use too much water when taking off...making sure I have enough when I come back to land. My main reason for the post was to see if this was something anyone else was experiencing, or if I was missing something. So because of that I don't know what my specific JPT, RPM and everything else each time I experienced the issue. I do know that I have become proficient enough in the plane to understand that something is an issue. That issue could still be me, I am not saying that it isn't, but before diving into it more I wanted to make sure I wasn't fighting a losing battle against a known issue. So with that I will try a few flights, when I have some time later, and really watch to ensure that I am not over stressing the engine and causing internal damage. I really don't think I am, but we will see.
  7. I think that would need to be verified, as I have had this issue after doing a repair on my aircraft...which in theory would have fixed my engine if it were damaged due to running too hard.
  8. Well, when I first started paying more attention to it, I thought that maybe I took damage to the engine or something along those lines, but then I really started paying attention and the last few times I made sure there was no damage at all. I have made sure that I am not getting into high RPM or high JPT temps, as noted by the HUD indicators. The last two times I have done this is when I noticed that I was not getting any water flow at all. The last time I did this, I realized that I was not getting enough power to vertical land, so I performed a normal runway landing. I then tried to vertical take off, with no weapons and fuel at 2200. No matter what I did I could not get any water flow, and could not get the plane off the ground. Tried switch in take off position, landing position, and could not get any flow.
  9. I have been noticing that after completing a vertical landing, refueling, and rearming, and then going out and continuing the mission, when I come back I could not complete a vertical landing. When this was first occurring I blew it off to my inability to VTOL well. But I have since become fairly proficient at it so when this trend continued I began to scratch my head a bit. Today I noticed that, even though I have full H2O, there is no water flow even with nozzles at 82, flaps in VTOL, and RPM at 100% or higher. Yes, water turned on to landing mode, fuel was only at 2500, and I was completed empty of all munitions (including gun ammo), and I still dropped like a rock. I have no issues when I come in the first time to land, always smooth as silk. I tried switching water to take off and still no flow. Anyone else seeing this issue, or am I missing something? Apologies if this has already been addressed, I was having issues with the search.
  10. I am also a former US Marine Infantryman, and although we do joke about the statement regarding Harriers showing up just in time to RTB, there does need to be some clarification on this statement. Yes, Harriers cannot loiter for days like an A10, but I can tell you that Harrier pilots are VERY efficient when coming in and taking out targets. They are a sight for sore eyes and those guys will remain on station and return on fumes if they have to. As far as flying it, as others have stated, you can extend you available flight time just by flying it right. You don't need to be at 80 or 90% the whole time. Dropping down to 55 or 60% will increase "fuel mileage" quite a bit. Just my two cents.
  11. I just went through this exact same issue a couple days ago. What I ended up doing in the mission editor is just setting channel one for both comm 1 and comm 2 to 251...wanted to make sure I had the right one. Went back into the mission, set to channel 1, and the tanker answered right back.
  12. Thanks Mustang, I am currently running so that is probably the issue. I will update and see if that fixes the issue. Thanks for the info.
  13. Is simple radio still being used on this server? I have tried to connect to the IP but it just immediately disconnects. If it is still up and running, what version is it? I know that version conflicts can cause that issue.
  14. I am having the same issue. If I try to update any of the controls settings I get a blank black screen when I hit OK. I thought it may be an issue with trying to load a profile, but tried just changing one control button and same thing. MadDog
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