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  1. Would be great if Wags could comment on performance seeing as he's flying it at the moment... I too am wanting to purchase but worried my pc won't be able to run it.
  2. Marianas was already unplayable for me in VR with very modest settings. Nausea inducing as per pixie's post above. 2.7.8 has since smashed my performance even further. Marianas isn't even a prospect for me... I really am grateful for the free map, I just can't use it. Glad some of you guys can though.
  3. @Boosterdog I understand the GPU driver wipe and reinstall, but what are you suggesting to try for the saved games folder? Did this help you at all? My fps are still shot, and even removing msaa does absolutely nothing... I'm open to trying (nearly) anything to get back to pre 2.7.7 smoothness... cheers
  4. Me too... I've been watching this particular topic, hoping that I wouldn't be one of the affected ones as I've never had problems with updates before... Against my better judgement I updated to 2.7.7... and took an obvious, large hit in performance. Turned what was a silky smooth Rift S experience to a juddering, unplayable mess. I then updated from 2.7.7 to 2.7.8 hoping for some improvement but saw so perceptible change - still a juddering, unplayable mess. Obvious stutters just panning around the cockpit in the Hornet which I've never experienced before. I was already on lowish settings (as befitting my lowish spec machine ) and it was perfectly playable for me, but now DCS is unplayable for me in VR (I'm not using hyperbole). Nothing else has changed. I run no mods, PD of 1 and no ss. It is the update. No question about it. This update has smashed performance! Really hoping something can be done about it... EDIT: Just tried removing MSAA, no change in the stutters at all...
  5. Gotta add my voice to this topic too... I've long had to play DCS on laptops. I've always been able to do that by reducing settings to get smooth frame rates and I just accept the lesser picture as the cost. My problem is that with recent updates I'm running out of settings to reduce and I'm about out of 'wiggle room'. While I greatly appreciate Marianas and the incredible work which has gone into it, it really is unflyable for me. But performance is decreasing across all of the maps for me! If performance continues to degrade I simply won't be able to play. I'd be really disappointed about that because DCS is incredible! DCS's strength is that it's a combat simulation. When I use it as intended I don't have much time to spend admiring the scenery, and besides there are other sims for that. Please ED, prioritise the combat simulation and the framerates to enjoy that, even at the expense of the scenery outside the cockpit. Thanks for the awesome simulation (and for hearing me out). There really is nothing like it!
  6. Disabling force feedback (as mentioned above) fixed this problem for me. I am using a force feedback joystick so I don't know if this fix will address the issue on a non-ffb stick... pngflyer
  7. Hi, I have a Thrustmaster F-22 Pro for sale, unused, and in excellent condition. Has all original manuals/paperwork. I'd like to put the money towards buying something I can actually use as I don't have the skills to mod this. I've no idea what it's worth, so lets start at $US 100. If that price is unreasonable, talk to me and we can work something out. I'm in Australia. Can send overseas but buyer would need to pay the shipping... EDIT: Too expensive? Lets make it $US 80... This would be great for anyone who has a base already and needs a cheap grip for it. Apparently has OMRON switches too... EDIT #2: OK, final price drop. Last chance! $US 60. PM me if you're interested. Thanks pngflyer
  8. Cheers, thankyou Taz. Will try this out.
  9. Hey Taz, What would you recommend for a rift S user? I realise it has a lower resolution than the reverb. I have a PD set at 1.0 in DCS, but I’m considering installing Oculus Tray Tool so I can set the super sampling and maybe get a little more clarity...
  10. Couple of questions... How does the NXT compare with the Gladiator K? Is the K superseded by the NXT? Which would be more durable of the 2? Thanks
  11. Yep, me too. On both the latest and 2nd latest updates... Completely vanilla install on the Open Beta here.
  12. Just wanted to say thanks to Baltic Dragon for the new mini campaign for the M2K. Noticed it after today’s update. Very generous of you BD. Thankyou. pngflyer
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