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  1. is there any way to increase the shake, for those of us who would like the immersion?
  2. For real. there should be 4 frosted areas on my front shield restricting my view considerably. And yeah, at high speed it would be pretty much terminal, but in a low speed turnfight it would certainly be a hinderance.
  3. i would also like it if it didnt rain "inside" the hangars
  4. I would like to see the glass damage sustained in battle that is clearly shown on the outside, replicated on the inside of the glass.
  5. yeah, i have since see a couple of vids, and them there are some strong blades
  6. ok, i must say i am seriously impressed then. thanks.
  7. Tried so hard to snap the blades off..... couldnt do it. one only has to say boo to the KA and the blades are off, rolls, loops high speed turns, would almost say invincible was on or something.... but alas, i could crash
  8. I cant believe (although i must) that this multi million dollar bird hasn't got stability controls, the sim version feels like the KA in raw mode. I hope the real thing isnt this hard to fly
  9. Update... So i downloaded the beta installer from the site and ran it, took about an hour to create the beta version. i think it just copied renamed and added to my original so not much needed downloading. All planes and helos work and all terrains are present, didnt even have to re-authorise. Did have to reassign controls or copy the file from the main game. Down side is that you need enough space on the drive for 2 installs. Thx
  10. tried both. cmd first then PowerShell, but i read that PowerShell didnt work anyway
  11. yeah... i tried that, all it did was tell me i was on the latest "stable " version and wouldn't update to beta,. tried it with and without the "@" still the same. it just wont update. and that program, its just a switcher,
  12. probably asked many times but i cant find any real way. Do i have to uninstall and reinstall if i want to make my version open beta from stable? all i see is use command line, or some app, but it seems that it needs both installed to work. there must be some way to "update/patch from stable to beta without reinstalling everything. Thx
  13. switching maybe, but it wont update stable to beta.
  14. nothing, been on OB for the last few years, but as i said, i just recently upgraded the old pc so my vr was smoother, installed stable as i figured there would be less issues.
  15. new? lol, i think not. been on blackshark since 2009 when it was stand alone. i only installed stable version as i recently upgraded my machine for vr, never purchased a pre release either. Still poor though, been waiting months to fly something i paid for...
  16. SERIOUSLY???? i cant have it yet because i installed the stable version?? THATS POOR!
  17. hi, so im at kobuleti in a viggen, i get the comms menu up and select rearm and refuel. says request rearming...i get nothing back and no rearm.. tried electric power... still nothing. map set to easy communications... still nothing. happened last week, and today. any ideas? thanks.
  18. So further to my other issues, i had to buy a new mobo, cpu and ram, all my drives are differently identified now. if i wipe the drives and reinstall dcs in full, will all my modules and maps be reacquired or will i have to authenticate all from scratch, some modules have activation keys and the newer purchases dont. its not steam version its beta and i would like beta back. would a repair work just as well? thanks
  19. I had a major issue with my mobo, and spent 4 days trying to sort it, finally did it but had to move around my 1080 leaving no room for all my ssd's. i have a dedicated ssd for dcs open beta that was G drive, now i only have room for 2 ssd's and the G drive is now my D drive. when i started dcs it asked me to re log in etc which i did but now i dont think i am on open beta and half of my modules wont activate. question is, should i reinstall completely or is there another fix? thanks
  20. This, this is why i love this sim, thanks Repth, that was exactly the issue. Thank you
  21. Hi, i am not a novice in the mission builder, been building maps for years, but something has me foxed at the moment. i have missing A/C for some reason. example is , i have a map, cauc, as a setup map for new planes, for some reason there are planes not available in the plane selection that i own. for example, the f14 tomcat. when i go to the plane selection for usa it is not there. i cant find it to add it. or with the combined forces added to the coalition, things like the ka50, not there. i have tried changing from intercept to various others like sead and combat air strike and ground attack etc, still these planes do not show up as available to use. i have a tomcat on a carrier already( from a previous build), i select it, then click the add plane icon to place another but it reverts back to the a10 and when i look through the available plane lists its not there. oh, and i have tried a repair also Any ideas?
  22. yeah, always the way aint it, guessing im gonna stick with it for a while
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