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  1. Getting some decal work done, did some more paint touch up.
  2. Made some more progress! It's now 'complete' until my Crosswinds arrive and my VKB fighter (will be building a floor piece to mount them on, and probably adding a curved nose to the cockpit to house it all. I currently have the slugpit in WWII mode (without the front screens), but exchanging the top panel takes 60 seconds tops. The entire thing is super sturdy, and incredibly comfortable. I could not be happier with this! Oh also you'll see that I added side panels. It felt strange not having walls on your sides... Just felt too open. Feels a lot more realistic this way. Excuse the mess! Been too buys building to clean up down there yet. Total cost so far, with paint, is just under $200.
  3. I run 60fps at 4k with a GTX 1080. It's pretty nice since its a 55" tv. You can see pics here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=184184
  4. Hey thanks! I know it's nothing like the crazy cool cockpits most people here build, but hey we all gotta start somewhere :)
  5. It's built! My buddy modeling the beautiful set up. Next up I'll be putting in some new switch panels and stuff, then fill in gaps, then paint! Will update as it goes. I can post build pics too if anyone is interested. Also waiting on new joystick and rudder pedals before building the floor.
  6. Screens came! Quick test in the F-15. Started building the top panel today. Going to be *attempting* clean cuts today so I can embed the MFDs. Screen test:
  7. Oops sorry I should have specificied! Oculus Rift CV1, whatever the default VR resolution is.
  8. Updated my design a little! I didn't like my controls being so low, so decided to move the panel to on top of the flat shelf. This will also make changing this panel much easier should I still decide to. This all came about when I did some more "cardboard testing" for positions of controls, knee clearance, etc. Going out today to buy the remaining wood I need!
  9. Hey there! Is there a way to improve the VR experience in FC3? The non FC3 modules all work well, but take for example the F-15C. Because your default position is so far forward (sitting on the front edge of your seat), your eyes are trying to focus on objects both right on your nose and far away, making it kinda hurt your eyes. The HUD is also kinda busted (it seems to exist on a different plane than the HUD normally would). lastly, the mirroring effect on the cockpit glass is horribly distracting. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Hey thanks for the huge compliment! Really means a lot to me. I'm certainly not even a fraction as talented as most cockpit builders here, but it should be fun to build something of my own design :)
  11. A quick hack job to test my thoughts on embedding the MFDs, since there will be a screen behind them. This is in 3/4 MDF. I love the idea of using MDF (it's an MFD in MDF) for this because it is just so darn shapeable, but it's really heavy... This panel would be 1/2" most likely.
  12. S! After many many plan revisions I've ended on the following, less-than-pretty-but-more-functional cockpit! My goals are to create a modular front panel that will allow me to semi-easily switch between modern combat, WWII combat, and cessna style general aviation with a yoke. The side panels are going to start pretty bare, but will eventually be added to over time. So far I've started the chair! Some build pics: Finished Chair Ergonomic Test Internal Structure Hoping to start building the panels this week!
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