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  1. Strange. All pylon removed, banks to right. Outer pylons removed, banks to left. And yes, only with keyboard.
  2. Still no success. Now tough decision, Streamdeck or UFC app? UFC app must go for now until solution is found. Too bad, it is a great app.
  3. Ok, thanks. I need to scroll this thread. And yes, I've tested all possible combos in export.lua but with no success.
  4. Thanks for a great app. One question, is it possible to use all three addons at the same time? they are: - Tacview - DCS UFC app - StreamDeck Plugin Tacview and DCS UFC are working together fine together, same with Tacview and StreamDeck. But when I try use them together, either DCS UFC or SteamDeck is not working.
  5. 2 pole 6 way rotary switch works for me. I'm not after the "IRL pit", just easy and cheap solutions. Need a bit wire tinkering the have wanted switching order correct.
  6. Here DL size 47.5GB, quite big I would say.
  7. So I decided to install also 2.5 Now it is copying 100GB data from 2.5OB to 2.5
  8. I was thinking to make hybrid UFC so that I would use UFC export and then build push button panel around that one. Similar idea like Thrustmaster MFD's. But we need to wait and see until early access is released.
  9. Hello, I was learning the usage of ME and noticed one strange behavior of AGM-154C with AI Hornet. At the time of JSOW release, weapons first rotates 30 degs horisontal, then the wings expand and then they are released from the Hornet. In addition, JSOW's never reach the given target. Probably the problem is my ME skills than anyting else and sorry if this has been reported earlier. I'm using latest release. Attached capture and miz-file. FA-18C AGM-154C.miz
  10. Big thanks, outstanding work as always.
  11. alt10k

    2.5 Size?

    For now I have OS and DCS located in same 500GB M.2 But this will change with 2.5, a new DCS dedicated 250GB M.2 is arriving tomorrow and it will be ready to take in The Merge. I'm prepared and waiting.
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