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  1. Hi I used the update command promt to update to open beta. But when i start DCS all my bought modules are missing in main menu/game. They appear as normal in the modul manager. The icons on the main screen my bought modules don't even appear as grayed out. https://imgur.com/a/oHtb42w
  2. Awesome work Is there anything better than comming home from an airshow and finding an awesome skin to play with
  3. WOW those pictures are stunning i just found some more wallpapers
  4. Yes, i tried to repair it multiple times the only way i found to fix it is deinstalling the Tiger module
  5. looks like the swiss air force wants to get rid of normal gray tigers Are you already working on it?
  6. This is something I noticed while watching a replay of me taking of in the Tiger Here in DCS the Nose Wheel retracts at the same time as the main landing gear But on real Swiss Air Force Tigers the Main Gear retracts first and the nose wheel a little bit later Has someone an Idea why?
  7. Well then i can scrap my atempt already It will never be as good as yours
  8. are you still working on a Amir skin?
  9. I have some wierd bug in the mission editor with the tiger I can't select any liveries on the tiger and if i leave the editor with the tiger selected the game freezes It works with other planes
  10. It looks like I have a new Favorite Tiger
  11. Looks nice so far Can't wait to fly it, but considering my trackrecord it will be more crashing than flying
  12. It is Tiger J-3073 and it has Eagle with a 13 (Fliegergeschwader 13?) on the nose like on J-3074
  13. i would be surprised if it was already easily findable in google It's brand new I asked someone i know from an other game who is currently in meiringen if he can get the info
  14. Hi Nice Work with the Skins I love them Could you do Skin for the new Tiger of FlSt 8?
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